Currently reading: Faraday Future EV supercar to use world’s most energy-dense batteries
A deal has been struck between electric car maker Faraday Future and LG Chem; first model due in 2018

Faraday Future is working with LG Chem, a leading supplier of advanced battery systems, to produce the world’s most energy-dense lithium ion batteries for its future models.

The Chinese-owned and California-based car maker will launch its first electric model, a supercar, in 2018. This new deal confirms LG Chem batteries will be integrated into Faraday Future's Variable Platform Architecture (VPA), which can be scaled up and down for use in other models.

“At FF, we are working with world-class suppliers to advance our technological innovations and we look forward to our relationship with LG Chem as we push towards our vision of future mobility,” said Tom Wessner, Faraday Future’s vice president of global supply chain.

LG Chem’s UB Lee said: “Our progress so far represents a major step forward in battery technology, and we look forward to growing our partnership and co-developing hardware into the future.”

Faraday Future’s 2018 supercar was previewed in its FFZERO1 concept at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show. In particular, the extreme-looking concept’s interior was said to offer a glimpse of the brand’s primary model. Its VPA underpinnings will use battery cells grouped into sixes in order to create a ‘string’, which is then aligned alongside other strings – the number of which depends on the car’s size.

While the brand has remained tight-lipped on further details, Faraday Future said its partnership with Formula E’s Dragon Racing would lend technology to its road models, suggesting LG Chem could also be technically involved with the racing operation, although this is yet to be confirmed.


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