Leaked images show skunkworks Clio that is rumoured to be getting a powertrain from the Mégane Renault Sport; could produce 271bhp

The recently leaked Renault Clio Renault Sport will be officially revealed at the Monaco Grand Prix later this month, with reports suggesting it will use the engine and running gear of a Renault Mégane Renault Sport to produce around 271bhp.

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Only the reveal date and one image (the first shown in our gallery) have been officially revealed by Renault, but earlier leaked pictures of the so-called Renault Clio Renault Sport KZ 01, first shown on a Greek website, show what it will look like when it arrives on 27 May.

Renault has previously used the blue riband Formula 1 event in Monaco to reveal extreme new car concepts, including the Renault Twin’Run, a forerunner to the current generation Renault Twingo.

The only official comment from Renault comes from managing director of Renault Sport, Patrice Ratti, who said: "We successfully completed the project of a slightly crazy car. It was a joint effort by the Renault Sport Cars and Renault Sport Racing teams. This Clio RS refines the expertise of Renault Sport engineers while exploring new avenues for the future".

According to the Greek website that leaked it, the pictured Clio is based on the regular 200, but has been extensively modified both in terms of its powertrain and its bodywork. The pictures show heavily swollen wheel arches, aggressive bumpers and detailing and a large rear wing. It is not clear if the Clio KZ 01 will get the Mégane Renault Sport's manual gearbox.

The Mégane powertrain is reported to have been tuned with at least 250bhp, giving it at around 30bhp more than the Renault Clio Renault Sport 220 Trophy, the most powerful variant of the car on sale. However, some French sources are speculating the KZ 01 could share the fastest Mégane’s 271bhp, which it produces from a turbocharged 2.0-litre engine.

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Renault Clio Renaultsport 200 Turbo

New Renaultsport hot hatch has sophistication, but can it excite when direct rivals like the Ford Fiesta ST have perfected the formula?

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Reports suggest the Clio KZ 01 is a concept car that is under evaluation for potential sale in an extremely limited run, with possibly as few as 500 cars being built.

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22 May 2016
Shouldn't that be fabrique moufette ! or something.

23 May 2016
Mean little hatch! Hope they do it with a manual, or a much improved semiauto, as that seems to be the biggest downfall of the current RS Clio

24 May 2016
Anyone else noticed in the 'Group' photograph(s) how they all appear to be around the same age, with similar haircuts, wearing similar clothes and are (very nearly) all of the same gender? A bit of a grey boring looking bunch. This doesn't bode well! I hope I'm wrong. I think that I might well be this time around? See you in Monaco...well one can always have one's dreams can't one!

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