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Steve Cropley hops aboard the DS3 with its designer, Mark Lloyd

The Citroen DS3 is due to hit showrooms next March - and Steve Cropley hitched a lift with its designer Mark Lloyd to find out what it's like.

On seeing the DS3 at Paris's Gare du Nord, Cropley notes that the car looks more squat and purposeful than he expected.

See the Citroen DS3 in action in Paris

Out on the road, Lloyd enters into the spirit of Paris driving, aided by the car's lowness and obvious grip on the French capital's slippery cobblestones, and by the shove of the 1.6-litre PSA-BMW turbo engine.

What else impressed Cropley?

"I liked the low-set, Mini-like seats and the smart body-coloured dash, which draws on the new C3's components but manages to differentiate itself with colours and textures.

"Most of all, I was impressed by the car's solidity and build integrity, given that it was still a pre-production model. This DS3 was a solid little thing that seemed immune to the buzzing trim of its ancestors."

Lloyd adds, "The DS3 is a car that expresses our heritage, from its nationality and the way it uses a revered name, to its bold styling, for which Citroen has been known most of its life. To me, heritage builds character. We're going to use it more and more."

The full story is in Autocar magazine, on sale today (Wednesday, 9 December).

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catnip 28 December 2009

Re: Exclusive: Citroen DS3 ride

crashbangwallop wrote:

Even with Ronnie Corbett at the wheel it looks cramped.

I'd like to see a pic of one with Ronnie Corbett at the wheel. Not sure whether he's the target age group for the DS3 though...

crashbangwallop 28 December 2009

Re: Exclusive: Citroen DS3 ride

Even with Ronnie Corbett at the wheel it looks cramped.

Lee23404 10 December 2009

Re: Exclusive: Citroen DS3 ride

zoomzoom wrote:

Lee23404 wrote:

The digital speedo was visible in a video of the new C3 I saw recently. I pressume the DS3 will have it too.

The new DS3 does not have a digital speedo - alas. For the life of me I cannot understand why? I currently have a 2006 C2 VTR with the superb large digital speedo & it is a godsend. It's there - direct in front of your eyes - large & clear - and why all manufacturer's don't fit one is beyond me. The new DS3 has very nice looking clear & sharp futuristic dials - but not digital. Have a rethink Citroen...please?

I fear you may be correct. I had another look and I think that what i thought was the digital speedo was actually the cruise control set speed.

That's a shame because i have the digital speedo set on the display of my C5 and never look at the analogue speedo. The digital readout is just so much easier to use.