Currently reading: Electric Isuzu D-Max brings 174bhp and one-tonne payload
Popular pick-up will switch to electric power next year and come to the UK shortly after

Isuzu has unveiled the D-Max EV concept, providing a strong hint at how the pick-up will make the switch to electric power.

Unlike the similarly conceived Maxus T90 EV, the D-Max offers full-time four-wheel drive thanks to a dual-motor powertrain set-up that puts out a combined 174bhp and 240lb ft. That’s slightly more power and torque than is offered by the current D-Max’s 1.9-litre turbo diesel engine.

Isuzu has yet to confirm the D-Max EV’s range, but its 66.9kWh battery is smaller than that in the upcoming KGM O100, which is set to offer around 300 miles between charges.

The Isuzu’s payload is rated at more than one tonne, qualifying it as a commercial vehicle for tax purposes. Its towing capacity is rated at 3.5 tonnes.

The electric D-Max will be launched next year in “select mainland Europe markets” such as Norway, Isuzu said. The timing of its arrival in other countries, including the UK, will depend on “market needs and the maturity of EV charging infrastructure”.

The electric pick-up class is set to grow significantly over the coming years. Currently, the Maxus T90 is the only such car on sale in the UK, although the US also gets the Ford F-150 Lightning and the Tesla Cybertruck.

The KGM O100 is set to arrive early next year as an extended version of the Torres EVX SUV. It will use a BYD-sourced battery and dual-motor set-up, which will make it the first four-wheel-drive electric pick-up on sale in the UK.

According to a report from Bloomberg, Ford is also developing a small electric pick-up aimed at the mass market, targeting a launch date of around 2026.


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russ13b 20 March 2024

Why isn't is called the E-Max?

ParaMan 20 March 2024

Its like the first generation of electric cars again... its new and different so must look s#!t. :( 

FastRenaultFan 20 March 2024
I ask how is Isuzu still going? Its a miracle that company has not folded yet. Are they owned by a bigger company?
As for this it looks old already and its not even launched yet.
russ13b 21 March 2024

You could just look it up. Isuzu revenue for 2023 $23.92 billion, with $2.28 billion earnings, Audi did $62.37 billion and $5.12 billion; just under half the size of Audi's doing ok, isn't it? The world's a big place, we aren't their biggest market.