Currently reading: Dodge Hornet gets the go-ahead
Chrysler to announce bold-looking supermini will feature in its future

Chrysler will shortly announce that it is going ahead with the launch of its Dodge Hornet supermini, which it will develop in collaboration with Chinese company Chery.The car could be revealed in close-to-production guise at this autumn’s Frankfurt motor show. The Hornet was first shown as a concept at the Geneva motor show in 2006, where it was widely admired for its tough-looking style. Chrysler plans to enter the crowded European supermini segment with the one range, resisting the temptation to launch a Chrysler-branded version alongside, as it has done with the Mondeo-class Dodge Avenger and Chrysler Sebring.The Hornet’s arrival is part of a three billion dollar product renewal programme for Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep that will roll out over the next three years. This is, in fact, the very plan that Chrysler had in place before it separated from Daimler – according to its international sales and marketing director Michael Manley, this plan is now ‘confirmed’ following Cerberus’s acquisition of the company. 

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