Currently reading: Delta launches 150mph EV
Delta's new EV will hit 60mph in under five seconds and be good for a range of 200 miles

British car manufacturer Delta Motorsport has launched its 150mph Delta E-4 electric coupe.

The EV has been developed by the company from the ground up and should be good for a range of 200 miles on a single charge with a 0-60mph sprint time of less than five seconds, according to Delta.

See pics of the Delta E-4 electric coupé

The light weight chassis is made from carbon composite and weighs 85kgs – less than 35 per cent the weight of a comparable steel structure “despite being designed to pass EU crash tests.”

Power comes courtesy of Oxford University-designed YASA electric motors, which produce “well over 443lb ft of torque and over 118bhp each while only weighing 23kgs”.

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The Delta E-4 Coupé will take part in the RAC Future Car Challenge on November 5 – an event that showcases low energy vehicles in a 60 mile ‘rally’ from Brighton to London.

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