Renault will bring cut-price car to UK in hatchback form
3 May 2007

Renault is bringing the second generation of its cut-price Dacia Logan to the UK, and will have the first cars in Renault showrooms by the end of next year.

The Logan, to be sold in the UK under the Dacia brand, is to get a more stylish hatchback body. Renault is still deciding which models and specification to take, so price and marketing strategy are still under review.

Renault wants to avoid damaging sales of its other low-priced models — Modus, Clio and (soon) Twingo — so the ultra-cheap versions sold in Eastern Europe may not be sold here.

Renault UK managing director Roland Bouchara expects the Logan to be offered throughout the 200-strong UK dealer network, and while dealers won’t need to have separate Dacia showrooms, they will be encouraged to have a special Logan area.

“I have no doubt the car can work here,” said Bouchara. “The new look is very appealing. It doesn’t move the car upmarket, but makes it look both more modern and more practical. I think British buyers are going to like it.”

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18 January 2008

a short hystory about Dacia:

1966- constructing the dacia factory pitesti
1968- first car is build after contract with renault : Dacia 1100 (Renault 8)
1969- Dacia 1300 berlina (Renault 12) 1973- Dacia 1300 Break
1975 -Dacia Pick Up
1978 - contract with renault expires
1987 Dacia 1320
1991Dacia 1325 Liberta
1992Dacia 1307 & 1309 Double Cab
1995Dacia Nova
1999 dacia under groupe renault
2000Dacia SupeRNova (engine,gearbox from renault)first colaboration Franco-Romain-target:to grow productivity, to make cheap cars with renault quality
2003Dacia Solenza
2004Dacia Logan
2006Dacia Logan MCV
2008 Dacia Logan PickUp
Renault after 1999 , got 99,3% of the factorys auctions.

The project Logan is the international developing strategy of renault. who would like to sell over 700000 cars per year till 2010

The Logan project is a new step in Renault’s history. This is the first range of vehicles entirely conceived to be primarily sold outside Western Europe. “We started from a white page and we were all the time stimulated by our goal which was attaining a sale price starting at 5,000 euros, as defined by Louis Schweitzer, Chairman and General Manager of Renault even since 1988” Jean-Marie Hurtiger, Manager of the Logan project said.

The result of four years of development, which mobilized all knowledge of the company, is a Tricorps Sedan, Logan, which has been sold since late 2004.

In its range Logan stands aside a diverse competition, often represented by locally built models, as for example Chevrolet/Daewoo Kalos, Hyundai Accent, Kia Rio or Skoda Fabia.

Due to the membership to Renault Group, Dacia vehicles benefit from an extensive, quality after sales worldwide network.

Logan four dor sedan : The most wanted car in its class, including a record habitability and a host of standard equipments. A family and friends reliable car on a daily basis, starting from 6400 EUR

Logan MCV With an increased modularity, polyvalent uses, record habitability and a design drawn from Logan Steppe, the new Logan MCV is a versatile vehicle best tailored to multiple uses in the daily life.

Logan Van A payload up to 800kg, reliability and robustness at the service of any activity and an excellent price/ services ratio, these are the main strengths of the Logan VAN. Starting from 5630 euro.

The Manufacturer.s warranty is applied through the trade-mark network in the countries where the vehicles are marketed. This list of countries is advancing rapidly.

Here are the countries/ regions where your vehicle benefits by a Dacia warranty (please refer to the vehicle`s Warranty Book)* : Germany, Bosnia, Croatia, Spain, Estonia, France, Guadeloupe, Guyana, Hungary, Leetonia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Martinique, Moldavia, New Caledonia, Poland, Czech Republic, Reunion, Romania, Serbia and Montenegro, Slovakia, Slovenia, Tahiti, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Austria.

you find many logan cups organised, here a tuff logan on rally brasov in romania,

logan rally nice runn :)

for tunners

design to cost :

The «Design to cost» method initiated with Renault in 1992, acknowledged a decisive stage in 2004 due to this program, and body lines were designed to reduce the press costs. The idea resides in orienting the whole process of conception towards reliability and economic endeavors by using some carefully monitored solutions.
The use of the same elements on several models by a manufacturer («carry over») is a guaranty of reliability for customers and a source of savings. Thus, Logan takes over the motoring, front deck, power steering and rear brakes from the Renault Clio.


In order to obtain a unique price/quality/habitability ratio, Renault optimised its performances. Logan was a pilot program for using the numerical conception in manufacturing the product, the industrial facilities and the manufacturing process.
As for the purchasing criteria, the price factor ranks first in Romania, Central Europe and Turkey. Second only to its moderate maintenance cost.

18 January 2008

logan steppe concept presented by autochannel

looks nice isnt?

18 September 2009

Looks like you've been locked up from the rest of the world for a loooong time mate*...looks pretty good comparing to a TaTa. For your information*, this car is sold all over in Europe like fresh hot bread...especially in Germany. 'course I'm not excited because it's not sold in UK & Ireland.

Just google it mate

18 September 2009

[quote PhatPhuc]

Just google it mate


Just done that. Looks sh1t. Lifes too short for this surely?

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