Currently reading: Cut-price Megane from £10,995
New model available with £3000 off the list price for cash buyers

Renault has launched a new cut-price Megane, costing from £10,995.

The Renault Megane Generation replaces the Extreme model in the range and is available with either a 1.6 petrol or a 1.5 diesel engine, both driving through five-speed manual gearboxes.

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The £10,995 list price for the petrol model is only available to cash buyers until the end of September; the Generation costs from £13,9995 outside the offer. The diesel model costs from £15,775 and both petrol and diesel models are £860 cheaper than their predecessors.

Standard equipment includes a CD player with auxiliary input, air conditioning, cruise control, ESC, ABS and electric front mirrors and windows.

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blowerbentley 21 July 2010

Re: Cut-price Megane from £10,995

Smacks of desperation! 21 July 2010

Re: Cut-price Megane from £10,995

I've got a Megane Coupe as a new company car with the new 1.4TCe engine as we've now got to be below 160 CO2's and I wont have a diesel. (Ban diesel!) Also the 130dci is so much more expensive that the co car tax is actually £10 a year cheaper for the petrol, and £18 per month cheaper on the lease!

I believe Arval had a deal with Renault to get rid of a few as Renault have hardly sold any new Meganes. My car with options is 21k. Absolutely crazy. I reckon Arval have been getting them off Renault with at least a 40% discount.

As for the car, I've had it 2 months and I'm very impressed with it. Every option I've ever needed including Tomtom nav, bluetooth, USB heated seats etc. Nothing has fallen off yet either!

I just wish we'd have more of this realistic pricing - a 21k P11d is madness for my car. 17k would be more in the right ball park.

W124 21 July 2010

Re: Cut-price Megane from £10,995

Yes, you are right, but those warranties are utterly useless - try claiming a new turbo, EGR's or seat covering, gearbox, head gasket, top mounts etc on a 5 year old Kia or Hyundai - no chance. It won't work - the long warranty is something I just don'r buy into - Kia and Hyundai have used it (and scrappage) to hugely improve market share but just what constitutes a "wear and tear" item after 3, 4 or 5 (let alone 7!) years is an utter legal minefield... It will all end in tears believe me.