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DS-badged SUV is to be aimed at the premium end of the market
Jim Holder
1 min read
25 July 2013

Citroen's DS-badged luxury SUV is likely to be sold in Europe after all, following the positive reaction to a concept version at this year’s Shanghai motor show.

Originally, the car — revealed as the Volkswagen-Touareg-rivalling Wild Rubis concept — was due to be sold in China only, where the DS brand is enjoying significant growth and profits, in contrast to the firm’s European plight.

However, DS chief designer Thierry Metroz told Autocar: “The reaction has been so positive that it is now possible the SUV will come to Europe. The focus is China, where we have a chance to make a great success, but that can help push it to Europe, too.”

The Wild Rubis sits on the DS5’s platform and is likely to be called DSX7 when it is revealed in production form at next year’s Beijing show.

The DS brand’s push will concentrate on China, where sales suggest that Citroën can fight with more established premium makers such as Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz. 

As a result, the SUV’s launch in mid-2014 is likely to be followed by a BMW 5-series rival based on the Numero 9 concept. Ahead of both cars, Citroën will reveal a VW Jetta-sized DS saloon.


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25 July 2013

Putting a positive spin on the distinct possiblilty that China may be  about to deflate itself down the toilet.

25 July 2013

It might be hoped that Citroen evolves towards an exclusively DS range of upmarket and technically advanced passenger vehicles , hence distinguishing itself from Peugeot and, possibly, Opel/Vauxhall/Buick at one level and Chevrolet/Holden at another. Perhaps it will eventually align globally with Cadillac in terms of positioning and product development.

25 July 2013

May as well be. 'Touareg rivalling'? Don't talk rubbish. Not in the same price bracket, the same level of quality nor the same level of capability.


Still, filled a few inches of space on your really quite rubbishy website.

25 July 2013

How many people use the capability of the Touareg, how can you comment on the quality. If you don't like the website, fuxk off.

25 July 2013

Marc wrote:

How many people use the capability of the Touareg, how can you comment on the quality. If you don't like the website, fuxk off.

On your first point, so you think it's OK to produce a car without any decent capability because you have an unsubstantiated and utterly unqualified notion that people won't (not might, oh no) use it?!

How can I comment on the quality? You think Citroens are as high quality as upper end VWs?

Yes, I don't like the website. Does that mean I have to keep quiet or even grovel at Autocar for the magnanimousness of having provided something (anything!) for us mere Internet people? Or should I tell it like it is on an Internet forum designed for people's opinions? No, maybe instead of kissing their ring, you could kiss mine.

25 July 2013

Makes me wonder why you bother to take the trouble to post at all if it really is so 'rubbishy'.

It would be interesting to know if you had actually seen, and maybe even sat in, this vehicle, know its price or its capabilities before pronouncing on it in such a derogatory way - perhaps you would be doing both yourself and the rest of us a favour by not posting again unless you can be more constructive.

25 July 2013

Winston Churchill wrote:

May as well be. 'Touareg rivalling'? Don't talk rubbish. Not in the same price bracket, the same level of quality nor the same level of capability.

No it will probably be far better, better reliability, better quality, more keenly priced, far better looking and equipped.

VW's are overpriced, over hyped are seriously over rated, if every thing in life was as reliable as a Volkswagen we would all be sitting on the side of the road with our bonnets up. It was a wonderful bit of marketing that gullible people fell for and some still believe.

25 July 2013

Not that keen on the Renault-esque styling at the bottoms of the doors, but think as a concept it looks rather nice. 

Surprised they haven't already thought about building a DS-badged SUV based upon the C4 Airplay platform. Surely it would make sense?

Still think the DS range should be taken upmarket further away from standard C-badged models, using more unqiue parts and better features. Bring back the lush Citroen DS days of old.

@Marc - +1, maybe Winston has a bit too much time on his hands?!

25 July 2013

@ Winston Churchill ... If you don't like the site, don't visit it and waste even more 'inches' with your stupid tag line and avatar ...

Anyway, asymetric alloys notwithstanding (maybe I'm getting a bit OCD here), the DSX7 looks a cool car, though Citroen will have to be VERY careful in marketing it in Europe, due to its positioning in the premium brand desireability league table (i.e. towards the bottom) ...

25 July 2013

Really? I'm surprised. This magazine is not new to some of us. Perhaps you newbies think it's OK. Compared to what it used to be though, ha, you're wrong. The website itself is dire! Badly designed and operates badly too. Be constructive please or just don't bother commenting.


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