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The Citroën DS X7 SUV, a model based on the extravagant Wild Rubis concept, has been given the green light for production according to local media reports

Citroën has played down media reports that the production version of the Citroën Wild Rubis SUV concept will enter production in late 2014.

The report said that the car, which would be badged as the Citroën DS X7 SUV, will be produced in China by the Changan/PSA joint venture.

The new model will be based on a modified version of the DS5’s platform, a model which is already produced at the Shenzhen plant in the Guangdong Province. It will feature the 161bhp 1.6-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine that powers the Chinese-market Citroën DS5 and could be joined by a 1.8-litre turbodiesel.

A Citroën spokesman said that an announcement was expected in the new year, but was unable to confirm or deny today's claims. However, should the DS X7 be signed off, it would be destined primarily for the Chinese market with a possibility of sales in other Asian markets.

The Wild Rubis concept, which premiered at the Shanghai motor show in April, was powered by a 225bhp 1.6-litre turbocharged petrol engine mated to a 69bhp electric motor. The plug-in powertrain means the Wild Rubis has four-wheel-drive capability and a 31-mile EV-only range.

The DS X7 is part of the China expansion of Citroën’s DS range. More than 300,000 DS models have been sold in China. A DS4 saloon is in development for the region.

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RogerGraham 12 November 2013

Peter - interesting! I only

Peter - interesting! I only see it on yours, no-one else's?!
RogerGraham 11 November 2013

Peter, why do you always put

Peter, why do you always put your name at the end of each post, even though it's already there in the name column?
Bothapi 11 November 2013

You said it!

My thoughts exactly.
Peter Cavellini 12 November 2013


RodgerGraham@ Wasn't me!,i assumed it was Autocar,others have it too!
Peter Cavellini 11 November 2013

And how?!

Who says we all want an SUV?,because for some strange reason the car makers are trying to convince us we do!
dukebox9reg 11 November 2013

Peter Cavellini wrote: Who

Peter Cavellini wrote:
Who says we all want an SUV?,because for some strange reason the car makers are trying to convince us we do!
Because how many people do you see driving Nissan Cashcows compared to Citroen C4's. It's the public deciding. Not them. Though I do agree its always nice to have the choice of a standard hatch. Id like to see this. Looks a damn sight better then the BMW X1 and Mitsi ASX.