Currently reading: Caton previews two-seat sports car based on 1950s classic
Restomod has been created by new brand using resources of parent company and leading engineering firm Envisage

Restomod firm Caton has revealed their upgraded Austin Healey - read all about it here.

A new British manufacturer has previewed a restomod based on an “iconic two-seater ’50 British sports car”.

Caton, a new firm created by automotive engineering specialists Envisage, will give the new car its debut at Salon Privé in London on 21-23 April. The teaser image gives little away but a low-slung classic roadster with a long bonnet, flowing bodywork and a wrap-around windscreen can be seen.

The Coventry-based brand promises that the new car will not be too far removed from the original classic it is based on, saying that it built the car while asking itself: “‘What would the original creators have done had they had the latest technology and manufacturing methods at their disposal?”

Caton says the new car will “adhere rigidly to the original car’s DNA” although modern technology and a “significant performance upgrade” will also be included in order to create a more user-friendly experience.

To build the new car, Caton has created a digital model of the car’s body and will use computer numerical control (CNC) machines to create tooling with a tolerance of just 0.2mm. Alongside these high-tech construction techniques, Caton will also use traditional methods - for example, the panels are hand-formed from aluminium using an English wheel.

Caton will use Envisage's facilities and equipment to mill and 3D print parts for the cars. Caton will also make use of the Envisage's trim department and paint laboratory. Envisage undertakes a wide range of projects, including continuation cars and motor show concepts, for a number of manufacturers.

Tim Strafford, CEO of Envisage, said: “Caton was the vision of our investors, to create a unique brand that utilises precision engineering, bespoke craftsmanship, and British skills, to create unrivalled products in the automotive sphere and beyond.

“Caton will stand on its own, as a specialist brand, inspired by precision engineering. It will offer ultra-exclusive, highly aspirational British-designed products within the automotive sector and beyond. This exciting new brand will demonstrate what is possible when design and technical development are pushed to the highest possible levels with exceptional luxury creations.”

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bol 6 April 2022

They've either asked themselves a stupid question or got the wrong answer. If the origional creators had had today's technology they'd have built something like the cars we have today. 

275not599 6 April 2022
It's unlikely but the car the profile most resembles to me is the Frazer Nash Mille Miglia.
owenmahamilton 6 April 2022

Another website I found talking about the car seems to think it might be an AC Ace.