HTT Plethore LC 750 in Monaco; 643bhp per tonne, McLaren F1 seating layout
7 April 2010

The HTT Plethore LC 750 supercar will be shown in Europe for the first time at the Top Marques Monaco event on 10 April.

The Canadian built supercar draws comparison with the McLaren F1 thanks to its central driving position, and will be on display in the Grimaldi Forum in Monte Carlo.

The scissor-doored Plethore is powered by a 6.2-litre V8 putting out 740bhp and 655lb ft of torque, linkled to a six-speed manual gearbox.

The car has a carbonfibre chassis and body, and weighs just 1150kg - about the same as the hard-top MX-5.

Independent double-wishbone suspension and 15-inch, six-piston brakes from AP Racing complete the technical package.

No performance figures have been released, but the Plethore has a power-to-weight ratio of 643bhp per tonne.

As well as sporting a diffuser that extends beyond the rear of the car, the Plethore is 2260mm wide.

That’s 20cm wider than a similarly-priced Lamborghini Murcielago and about 26cm too wide for UK pinch-points found at the entrance to most car parks and on some roads.

The Plethore costs 395,000 Canadian dollars (£220,200) and HTT is aiming to make 400 cars a year.

Tom Richards

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23 September 2009

The Canadians definitely didn't build this one for the Canadians:

1. Those alloys are going to last 30 seconds before being ruined by the frost heaved, pot-holed roads that were made even worse by the rains from Hurricane Bill washing away half the hardcore.

2. The alloys won't have a chance to last the 30 seconds on the roads because the salt will get to them within 10!

3. I doubt those alloys take winter tyres...

4. If you're sitting in the middle and that low down how are you supposed to give Timm Hortons your order and collect it at the drive through?

5. Do the rear seats fold down? When you go fishin' or shootin' you're going to need a proper vehicle, like a truck.

By the way - 20cm wider than a Mushydayglo thing made me giggle - this supercar could be a metre and a half wider and still fit in the parking spaces over here.

23 September 2009

Yeah, well they laughed at the Koenigsigg when it first appeared, it was a bit rough round the edges too, a bit of a wild child, but look at it now, the Venom, America's answer to Europe's domanation of supercars(looks like a Sagaris, British you know!), and anyway cars like this never see main roads, their taken out on special ocassions certainly not winter days like you get in Canada, and people who can afford them don't keep them in places where the weather is really cold fr reasons like, if it's cold the tyres don't grip, the oil can warm up enough, the car has to mich torque so wheel spin is a big issue, i could go on, but honestly if you won your national lottery you would wouldn't you? you just would.

Peter Cavellini.

23 September 2009

Peter: I was actually joking... I've seen a number of supercars in Canada oot and aboot in the summer - not a chance they'd be dragged out in -30!

I wish them luck.

24 September 2009

Best thing to come out of Canada since Moose burgers!,it' is the most ferral thing on wheels, even make the Koenigsigg look tame,by the way holidaed in Alberta for ten weeks, went through the rockies camping, been to the Calgary stampede and been up Mt. edith Cavel, best holiday i ever had, cheers Canada!!

Peter Cavellini.

7 April 2010

[quote]HTT is aiming to make 400 cars a year.[/quote]


Dream on.

I'll place my bet at 4.

Looks ok but I can't see anyone buying it.

7 April 2010

Corrrr, this thing looks angry. Not a face you would like to see in your rear view mirror.

Very Koenigsegg at the rear and side though.

7 April 2010

but, um, is it powered by maple syrup, eh?

4 April 2014
Why are they developing a saloon version of a saloon?


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