Currently reading: Bollinger details 'world's first' electric commercial truck platform
American EV start-up will offer a bare-chassis version of its B2 pick-up for a variety of configurations

American electric vehicles start-up Bollinger has revealed an adaptable chassis-cab version of its B2 pick-up truck.

Called the B2CC, the new variant is said to be “the world’s first and only Class 3 all-electric chassis-cab truck platform” and can be configured to suit a wide range of commercial applications.

It will be built in the US, using the same four-wheel-drive electric skateboard platform as Bollinger's B1 and B2 off-roaders, which were revealed at last year’s Los Angeles motor show. Its squared-off front end is identical to those of the two existing models.

The B2CC will be offered in two-door and four-door guises and with various wheelbase lengths to suit different commercial applications.

Like Bollinger's existing models, it features an innovative ‘passthrough’ tunnel in the main body for loading of extra-long items. 

A substantial 120kWh battery pack powers a pair of electric motors - one on the front axle, one on the rear - to give four-wheel drive and enhanced off-road capabilities. Bollinger’s powertrain produces a combined 614bhp and 668lb ft – enough to propel the B1 and B2 from 0-60mph in just 4.5sec. 

Also equipped as standard are a 10kW on-board charger, an integrated thermal management system, hydraulic ABS and a hydropneumatic self-levelling suspension system. 

There’s no word yet on whether the B2CC will be offered in Europe, like the B1 and B2, but Bollinger says it will become available to order in late 2021.

Pricing is also yet to be confirmed, but the commercial-focused B2CC can be expected to undercut its stablemates' £97,000 list price. 

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Landie 1 May 2020

A solution to range anxiety perhaps?

"Also equipped as standard are a 10kW on-board charger"

Sounds an interesting and not so costly solution to range anxiety, provide a small petrol powered 240v generator free with your electric car so that if your battery does go flat, you're not stuck, you can fire up your geny, plug your car in for half hour and get enough charge in the batteries to get you home, or at least to your closest charge station.

We have a small 400w petrol geny here in case of power cuts that's not much bigger than an old 14" portable CRT TV and only cost a few hundred quid, surely if they worked on it they could make one even smaller and more efficient to carry around in the boot of your electric car? 

If they don't and you have an electric car, why not buy a small geny and carry it around with you then you are never really stuck?

xxxx 30 April 2020


All they've got to now is fully design it, build prototypes, test them, build production faciities, build the truck and sell it for less than £97k

Peter Cavellini 30 April 2020

Too much Bollinger?

 Impressive speed and torque, but whose going to want a Tow Truck or a delivery Van like that?, and, £97,000 for it?