BMW UK MD announces four new cars arriving before 2012
7 November 2007

The BMW Group will add three all-new 4x4s to its model range within the next five years. Among them will be the X6 crossover coupe, as previewed at this year’s Frankfurt motor show. There will also be a new small Sports Activity Vehicle, (BMW-speak for 4x4) called the X1, and the much-scooped Mini 4x4.Speaking at BMW’s annual Press dinner last night, BMW UK managing director Jim O’Donnell confirmed that the three new vehicles were part of the firm’s expansion plans.The X6 will be the first of the trio to arrive, next year. After that, expect the Mini 4x4 next, sometime in 2009, using a 4x4 system developed by Getrag, and then the X1 in 2010.It’s not known for sure, but likely, that the X1 will use the current 1-series hatchback as its basis. That means it’s likely to use the same mix of longitudinally mounted four- and six-cylinder petrol engines, and BMW’s four-pot diesel, both in turbocharged and twin-turbocharged form. Further technical details are expected later.O’Donnell also confirmed that the Concept CS Gran Turismo saloon will enter production within five years, as a new flagship for the brand. It’s expected to be positioned above the next 7-series, powered by a range of V8 and V12 engines, and priced from around £80,000. Below it, and after 2012, another new BMW will arrive in the shape of the brand’s ‘V7’, or its Progressive Activity Sedan.O’Donnell also used the occasion to highlight BMW’s commitment to lowering its fleet CO2 emissions, and to attack some of the misguided attempts at legislating against car-makers in its mould. “A recent study concluded that the total carbon savings resulting from the proposed £25-a-day London congestion charge will be around 8000 tonnes a year,” he said. “That’s the equivalent of around three hours-worth of carbon emissions from flights arriving at, and departing from, Heathrow airport.”“BMW’s Efficient Dynamics programme will save around 45,000 tonnes of carbon from being emitted into the UK’s atmosphere in 2008. And it’s about time we had some reasonable legislation proposed that accounted for that.”

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8 November 2007

My only question would be WHY?

As proved recently on Top Gear, cars in the middle of Africa don't need it so why do you need it on the UK's roads. Lets face it, they cost more to develop and buy, they weigh more, therefore needing more power to provide similar levels of performance as standard cars, so where is the benefit? a slightly moist day in December?

8 November 2007

Pointless cars for pointless people whose only aim is some misguided desperation to be perceived in a way that only like minded pointless individuals will ever understand.

9 November 2007

[quote mcmikey]

Pointless cars for pointless people whose only aim is some misguided desperation to be perceived in a way that only like minded pointless individuals will ever understand.


Well said McMikey,

We rest our case......... NEXT!

10 November 2007

Of the millions of vehicles BMW have produced and sold, the vast majority of people buy them on badge appeal alone. Most will not have read Autocar and other motoring press articles telling them how good they maybe to drive.

Quite frankly, I find it moronic. If you can prove beyond reasonable doubt that all BMW's are bought because they drive well and people understand the handling nuances that go to make many BMW's good to drive, then I will shut up about them.

13 November 2007

Surely free choice is the mainstay of our democratic society, Gentlemen?

If some wants to drive a 4X4, then they should be permitted once they've payed their dues to do so. What they do with it is none of our business, certainly in so far as why they use as opposed to how.

Why would an old couple buy a Mini MPV, when they don't have a family? Why would anyone buy a sports car when they don't race it? Why should anyone drive a small car when they are less protected in them?

We are all victims of motoring fashion. It makes the world a more interesting place. Now if you'll excuse me I have a Porsche Cayenne, Range Rover Sport and BMW X5 to wash before dinsies..............

13 November 2007

G i cant imagine you washing a normal car. An old safari land rover covered in sand and lion carcasses? Maybe.

These cars are bought by people with more money than sense. If people keep buying them BMW will keep making them, i dont blame them in that respect.

13 November 2007

Ahhhh the trusty old Land Rover!

I've always thought singling out a type of wheelpan or specialist vehicle only divides we motorists and vehicle drivers. The fact we can't seem to agree on anything gives the anti-car lobbies too much clout. I just disagree with everything they say. It simplifies prolonged pointless debate and saves breath in debunking Government statistics and Political dogma on the subject.

I have a sudden craving for a Walnut they still make them?

13 November 2007

They do, you can buy a 3 pack in poundland. If you want a piramint you will need a time machine though. If you dont remember them they were similar but more square, like a piramid.

14 November 2007

I remember those. I think I still preferred the Walnut Whips.

I liked them, because you could put them on the dashboard and they wouldn't slide or roll with normal driving! I would promise myself I would have to drive immaculately for 5 miles before I could have the walnut, then another 5 miles to bite into the chocolate fonduey goodness!

Please don't tell anyone else, as the Safety Police will have me pulled over for the haeneous crime of 'Having a Chocolate repast, whist in control of a moving vehicle. Forget the fact I actually drove perfectly before doing so!

The joy of life seems be falling away from the control of us all.

14 November 2007

Ive seen people arrested for crazier things. In the mirror yesterday it said someone got an asbo for eating a banana too 'sexily'

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