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BMW boss says the Megacity is “on the verge of revolutionising vehicle production”

BMW boss Norbert Reithofer says the firm is “on the verge of revolutionising vehicle production” with its forthcoming Megacity electric car project.

Speaking at the firm’s annual accounts meeting, Reithofer confirmed that the Megacity will be launched in 2013 as a BMW sub-brand. He also stated that it will be built in Leipzig in Germany, although Wackersdorf and Landshut will also be involved.

“We keep investing in Germany as a production location - particularly in the field of future-orientated hi-tech,” said Reithofer. “That is BMW.”

BMW has recently agreed to invest £68m in a joint venture with SGL Carbon to build a carbonfibre manufacturing plant in Moses Lake, Washington, in the United States. The site is believed to have been particularly attractive to BMW because of the ready availability of hydro-electric power in the region.

“The assignment we have given ourselves from the very beginning is to develop a Megacity vehicle that will be a zero-emission vehicle,” said Reithofer. “And it will be sustainable throughout its entire lifecycle. Simply put, we are on the verge of revolutionising vehicle production.

“We will apply carbon and carbon-reinforced materials at a scope unprecedented in series vehicle production,” he added.

“Just name one competitor who tackles the topics of future mobility and sustainability so comprehensively.”

The Megacity will be a five-seat Golf-size family car - but the brand is likely to grow and include a range of models, including sports cars.

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ericmorton 20 December 2016

BMW Car Production

No doubt BMW will bring a revolutionary change in the automobile world with its latest and modern features. It boosts our driving experience and the most important part is its safety, BMW cars are basically known as safety and productive. So in the luxurious car list, we have found BMW cars in the top list and still the production is going on.
Jon Hardcastle 19 May 2010

Re: BMW's car production 'revolution'

Mass produced carbon fibre will still be Mass-ively expensive to repair following a crash until such a time that it becomes the norm in mass produced cars, thereofre it's fairly safe to say that insurance will be pretty expensive for these BMW's however, it has to be said that you don't have to look too far to see the benefits of using carbon fibre. If F1 drivers and the like can survive impacts they have at speeds only a Veyron driver will be familiar with then it has to be a good thing.

It would also be an advantage to get back to the days of lighter cars but we should still be able to have all the added benefits of not losing any of the kit we get today.

TStag 19 May 2010

Re: BMW's car production 'revolution'

Mass producing carbon fibre panels would be revolutionary, but I'm curious as to why BMW are only talking about applying it to the Megacity project. Does this suggest that the Mega city cars will be much more expensive than steel/ aluminium cars?