Suspension and styling tweaks for BMW roadster
21 September 2009

BMW has been testing an M Sport performance pack for the Z4, hoping it will tempt buyers disappointed by the lack of a full-fat M version in the range.

A Z4 M is not scheduled for production, but the Z4 sDrive35i is no slouch, hitting 60mph in 5.1sec, and the M Sport package will make it a sharper drive.

BMW M Sport picture gallery

Tweaks include stiffer suspension and larger wheels, which will give the Z4 a sporting edge, at the possible expense of a little ride comfort.

Restyled front and rear bumpers toughen up the looks of the Bavarian roadster.

Although the model seen testing at the Nurburgring is the flagship sDrive35i, BMW is expected to offer the package on all versions of the Z4.

Expect the M Sport package to be made available early next year.

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21 September 2009

The sport pack will give the Z4 some variety in the range. If it gives the car a bit more sharper handling, then great! But I think, without a propper Z4M version, this shouln't be much of a performance gain. Just a looker. :)

21 September 2009

Make the steering sharper and turn in crisp!

21 September 2009

As a person who for many years used to have high resolution pictures of Beemers as desktop wallpapers, I have to say that as far as their current models are concerned, with the exception of 1 Series coupé, I have my doubts that any deserves a place on any body's desktop. From designs which used to excite, their cars have turned into products which elicit a sigh: ah, I used to like the look of their designs.

21 September 2009

Those front bumper decoy graphics are seriously hypnotising! :D

21 September 2009

Nice try, but too little too late - they should have thought about performance, drive appeal and so on when they made it bigger and fatter that the previous one. The top version is already around 1600Kg - and that is madness for a so-called sports 2-seater. We don't care if BMW feels that there should be enough brand-room for a Z2 (or whatever) in the future, the car is h-e-a-v-y. Mercy, we want LIGHTER CARS - anyone listening?

21 September 2009

Larger wheels : why? To be heavier?

But where is the LSD?

21 September 2009

But where is the LSD?

Maybe they consumed it when they designed that psychedelic camo ;-)

22 September 2009

It was used for the 5 GT, yes ;-)

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