More performance, revised inetrior and exterior looks
19 February 2010

This is the BMW X1 AC Schnitzer, which will be unveiled at the Geneva motor show next month.

The tuned car gets engine upgrades as well as styling changes.

Changes include the BMW X1 xDrive23d being upgraded from 201bhp to 237bhp. The 2.0d and 1.8d units deliver 207bhp (from 175bhp) and 169bhp (from 141bhp) respectively. No performance figures have been released for the 2.8-litre petrol unit.

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Buyers also get modified suspension springs and an aluminium strut brace, which AC Schnitzer says "ensures the perfect balance between sporting performance and driving comfort".

The front spoiler, rear skirt extension and rear roof spoiler are said to improve downforce as well as enhance the car's looks.

Styling tweaks include a sports exhaust and 19-inch wheels as standard, although 18-inch and 20-inch wheels are optional.

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The BMW X1 is fine to drive, but buyers looking for premium feel may be better served by rivals' offerings

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19 February 2010

ok has anyone seen an X1 on the road yet? but i guess this bodykit makes its dreary looks a bit better! although it will no doubt be another 4x4 for on road rather than off with that makeover

19 February 2010

[quote VX220EDDIE]ok has anyone seen an X1 on the road yet?[/quote]

Yep, albeit in France (and on German plates I think). Was pleasantly surprised, looked smart in dark blue. Rear end still not great, but much better in real life than in photos.

As for the makeover, looks ok, though they need to ditch the bonnet vents. And is it just me, or does the rear wiper look really dated?

19 February 2010

[quote VX220EDDIE]

ok has anyone seen an X1 on the road yet? but i guess this bodykit makes its dreary looks a bit better! although it will no doubt be another 4x4 for on road rather than off with that makeover


Yup saw one this afternoon at my local hand car wash in candy white, did not look that ugly at first not bad in real life... the guy sat in it had a huge smile on his face l0l looks like he just got it.

Pictures do not do the car justice its pretty good when in high spec mode

19 February 2010

Looks tacky and naff.

19 February 2010

I guess its pretty hard to do much with the styling of this car as it is rather awkward looking. The one I've seen was in white which doesnt really do it any favours, not surprising that they say the worst colour for resale values on '4x4's is white.

20 February 2010

Dearie me what a dog's breakfast of poorly-proportioned, unrelated and unco-ordinated forms - oh hang on a minute, that's the 1-Series anyway. Whatever anyone does to this overpriced, underspecced, ugly heap can't really make it either much better or much worse. And how p...ed off must many owners be that it's virtually impossible to distinguish their purchase from Hyundai's i30 from the rear....

21 February 2010

Looks like it's been on 'Pimp my Ride'. If the 23d costs over 40k I can imagine how horrific the price is gonna be for this model.

22 February 2010

This is not very nice.

22 February 2010

The wheels don't seem to fit the car........The add-ons look very 'Halfords'. With apology to Halfords, but one doesn't expect a new BMW to display this kind of 'Bling'.

The car looks okay other wise, would look good in a 'warmer' colour. white has made it look washed out. I tend not like many cars reproduced by external outfitters.

BMW's penchant for crossovers is no longer cutting edge nor desirable to own, but they are not bad cars. I'd like to see BMW examine their fundamental principles, for BMW they way foward may be 'backward'.

Lets see a return to the Bubble Car. A modern version of it would bring credibility to small/eco car market.

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