Currently reading: BMW performance boss sees market for hot M7
Although it's not in the product plan at the moment, BMW M division's engineering boss says an M-badged 7-series has potential
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16 December 2013

A BMW M7 should be created from the 7-series saloon, says M division engineering boss Albert Biermann.

Although Biermann says he wants to create the model, an M7 has never been officially made by the M division. The model would top the firm’s line-up as a flagship performance saloon.

Such a model exists of sorts, with BMW specialist Alpina making the B7, complete with a 533bhp twin-turbo V8 engine. However, Biermann said an M7 would be quite different.

“I would love to compete in this area of the market,” he said. “The money is just there to pick up. An M7 would be a much different proposition to the B7.”

But Biermann said an M7 was not in the product plan at present as M division concentrates on other projects. “There’s so many nice things you could do with unlimited money,” he said.

Such projects include the investigation of four-wheel drive for the next-generation M5 and M6 models, and a possible M3 version of the 3-series GT in 2016.

BMW M is not planning to extend its suite of SUVs with M versions of the X3 and upcoming X4 to join its X5 M and X6 M models. Instead, it will develop M Performance versions, similar to how Audi differentiates S and RS models.


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16 December 2013
Surely a V10 twin turbo?

17 December 2013
As immense as a V10 twin turbo might be, I highly doubt BMW would utilise time and resources on developing such an engine when they have the choice of 2 very capable units in V8 and V12 guise. My guess would be the V8 from M5/M6 with circa 570 bhp, 502 lb ft.

AMG pull off the trick of one serves all probably better than most to keep costs down and it's rather effective; case in point the twin turbo 5.5 V8 seen 'almost' everywhere.

16 December 2013

16 December 2013
I know BMW is the number one premium car manufacturer in the world but I don't understand where they get their market data. Who told them a full M version of the 3 GT will create more demand and garner greater success than offering an M7 alongside 4wd versions of the next generation M5 and M6?!?

I wish they'd bloody well just do the right thing and build a 'true' successor to the original M1. Their home-grown rivals have the R8 and SLS (both naturally aspirated by the way) and instead BMW would rather offer its customers a 5 door GT.


16 December 2013
BMW's M division have slipped hugely. What has happened to the purist's choice? Why add turbochargers? Why is there no truly manual alternative for the M5 or M6? Cars like the E30 M3, the M3 CSL or the E60 M5? True-blue driver's cars. If there's going to be an M7, it'll have to be great for me to appreciate it. It will have to evoke memories of past great M cars.

17 December 2013
Producing a M7, or even a M Performance version, would be a pointless exercise when you've got Jaguar's XJ Supersport, Bentley's Continental and Roll's Ghost to choose from. All are infinitely more desirable and stylish looking inside and out than a 7-Series while they'd be betters cars overall and worth more of the money than a M7 could ever achieve. It's beyond me why anyone would even choose a Mercedes S63 or S65 AMG over one of these Brits.

17 December 2013
BMW's S-Cass AMG........?

17 December 2013
I'm trying to follow some linear logic. M3 with 6 turbo the M5 with the 8 turbo and M7 with a potential 10 turbo. I know it'll never happen especially on such low numbers, but it would be an epic choice.

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