BMW has updated its M-division cars with more options and styling tweaks
30 July 2008

BMW will update its current crop of high performance M cars with new iDrive systems, more options and subtle cosmetic alterations early next year.

For 2009 the M3 will get reworked rear lights, a modified bumper and a new boot lip spoiler, the changes coming just a year after it hit the market.

In the cabin, an all-new, more intuitive iDrive infotainment system will be introduced along with a revised centre console with a plusher trim finish.

>> See more pics of the revised M3 saloon

BMW’s seven-speed dual clutch gearbox - which was first introduced for the M3 Cabrio - will also be made available to the rest of the M3 range.

Elsewhere in the M-Power line-up, BMW will launch a ‘Competition Pack’ to harden up the M6. It’s an option that sets the performance coupe 12mm lower at the front and 10mm lower at the rear and should improve handling. The Competition Pack also adds adaptive suspension control, new twin-spoke alloy wheel and will be available later this year.

The newly updated iDrive system will also be fitted to the M5 and M6 as standard from 2009 onwards. So will a part-time alternator, part of BMW’s Efficient Dynamics programme, which should help improve the bigger M cars’ fuel economy.

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BMW M3 Coupé

The latest generation BMW M3 isn't as thrilling as the original E30 M3, but it's still mighty

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1 August 2008

What an absolute con! The residuals will have dropped significantly of a now out of date, one year old car! Who is going to buy the "old version"? I know that technology moves forward, but why cosmetic changes? I've always liked, indeed preferred, the saloon to the coupe and didn't see any need for changes. Whinge over; at least there have been no price increases!

1 August 2008

Wow, i would angry if i just bought an M3.

Ianf is right, this has just knocked thousands of a perfectly good M3 model that has only been around a year. Great, update the idrive, and offer it as a free update to M3 owners (if your welthy enough to buy a new M3, you don't want to anoy that sector of your market) and offer the new transmission as a new offer. but revising the styling - not a smart move.

I remeber a time that an M3 was for die hard motorsport fans who wanted a light,harder edged 3 series, now it seems the accountants have got involved and its all a bit too commercial for me.

(and before you "have a go" I'm a 23 year old recruitment consultant who is currently looking at buying a previous gen M3 convertable - how cliche, but i love it!)

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