The first images of a production-spec BMW i3 have leaked online

Images of the production BMW i3 have leaked online ahead of a planned debut next week.

The images show the i3 in full production form. Previously we have only seen the i3 with camouflague, most recently around the front light clusters. Earlier this week we learnt that the i3 will cost from £25,680 for the full electric version when it goes on sale at the end of this month. That price includes the governent's £5000 electric vehicle grant.

Buyers can also lease an i3 with a deposit of £2995 and 36 monthly payments of £369. Autocar has already driven a late prototype of the car.

The electric i3 is powered by a synchronous electric motor producing 168bhp. It has a top speed of 93mph. Carbonfibre-reinforced plastic has been used for most of the body structure, which rides on a chassis made of almost pure aluminium. The car is based around BMW's 'Life Module' concept.

No prices have yet been announced for the more powerful range-exender version of the car - although it is expected to command a significant premium.

The first deliveries of the i3 are expected to be completed by the end of the year, while the other car in BMW's i-range, the i8, is also nearing completion.

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BMW i3

BMW made waves with Europe’s first premium-brand compact EV, and continued development means the i3 keeps upping the ante

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24 July 2013

...for killing off the A2.

At least all those A2 owners will suddenly find ther 10 year old cars looking incredibly contemporary.

(Not sure about the two tone bonnet and boot, either.  I wonder if it's an option?  If not, I expect to see a lot of black i3s being ordered.  Well, this is a BMW, so it's probably the default choice anyway.)

24 July 2013

Dazed and Confused wrote:

...for killing off the A2.

Although Audi are waking up and taking action.  Audi’s former board member Dürheimer who was head of R and D was reportly sacked for ignoring electric power.

Ignore electric power at peril should be the motto in the car world!  


typos1 - Just can’t respect opinion

24 July 2013

The Audi A2, even second hand is still the thinking mans urban car ( I never write city car as there should be no cars in a city , like London), just get a 4 seater diesel.  The new BMW looks to much like a games console on wheels.


24 July 2013

rogerhudson wrote:

The Audi A2, even second hand is still the thinking mans urban car ( I never write city car as there should be no cars in a city , like London), just get a 4 seater diesel.  The new BMW looks to much like a games console on wheels.

Games consoles are very popular though - I think is going to appeal to lots of people who are technology enthusiasts rather than petrolheads.  Nevertheless, it looks like it might be great fun to drive.

24 July 2013

I think it's a good idea that it has these as I looked at the first picture of the car with the rear doors closed and thought they looked much too small.

24 July 2013

If there was a serious infrastructure to recharge these cars it would sell extremely well.

Usual issue for people living in a big city is no way to charge overnight (unless you own a house instead of a flat) or your garage at work has charging points...

24 July 2013

autocar wrote:

The electric i3 is powered by a 168bhp synchronous electric motor producing 168bhp...

So the 168 eletric motor produces 168bhp, eh? Nothing escapes those Autocar testers. -:)

24 July 2013

Looks dated before it is even on sale!

Hasn't BMW leared from the Chevy Volt? Extenuous and uneccessary use of black trim all over the vehicle, and disjointed and chunky styling makes for an unusual and ungraceful looking car.

24 July 2013

Something I love about BMW is the individuated and bad-looking edged front shape of each model. This one does not even look like BMW, too bad.

24 July 2013

....... most of it actually. Black bodywork looks odd with side panels in another colour - why bother with anything other than an all black car ? Knowing BMW that will doubtless be an expensive option..........

I do like the uncluttered interior and the dash - will all those important switches on the left of the assymetric centre console etc, that are within easy reach of  the driver in left-hand drive form, be transferred for a right-hand drive driver with an equally assymetric layout in mirror form - doubt it somehow ?

I don't really see the point of this car when there are other similar sized electric or hybrid vehicles around that just don't look so wilfully odd - but I gues there will be plenty of mugs .... sorry 'discerning buyers' ...... who will pay out the dosh just because its a BMW.

Enjoying a Fabia VRs - affordable performance


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