Currently reading: Best car deals: Seat Leon, Citroen DS4, Mini Paceman, Jaguar XK
The best new car deals and new car leasing deals for this week, including offers on the Seat Leon, Citroën DS4, Mini Paceman, Jaguar XK and Dacia Sandero

If you’re in the market for a new car, or after the best new-car leasing deal, you can save thousands with a little research. This is the pick of what our deals experts have found this week.

Best new car deals

Seat is expecting big things from its new Leon family, with the five-door car sitting alongside the three-door SC and the ST estate. A deal worth keeping an eye on from Citroën DS4 might be a little too much like the standard C4 for our liking, but there's no denying it has style. Mini Paceman can be a capable companion. Jaguar XK is one of our favourite grand tourers, but its premium-badge status doesn't mean you can't save big money at the dealer. Car-cost currently has a special offer to save £18,320 off the price of a 5.0-litre V8 model in outgoing Portfolio specification. The deal means the normal list price of £70,965 tumbles to £52,645. Be mindful that other offers are likely to arise too, thanks to the introduction of two new special-edition models to the XK range.

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