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Bentley and Mulliner cater for the well-heeled outdoorsman with a Fly Fishing special edition of the Bentayga. It's a mere £80,000 pricier than the standard car

Bentley Bentayga owners can now purchase a fly fishing set made especially for their car.

Famed Bentley coachbuilders Mulliner produce the car, the ‘Fly Fishing’ part of which comprises four hand-made rods and a host of fly fishing paraphernalia, contained in a luxurious three-piece trunk set.

The fishing set is comprehensively stocked; a full fly fishing kit is fitted, including cotton, hooks and feathers, as well as reel cases, a fly-tying vice and all the tools a fly fisherman might need. All of this is stored in three saddle leather-trimmed trunks, including a waterproof trunk to store wet fishing clothing. The fishing clothing is also included.

The other trunks are used to store refreshments and a ‘master tackle station’, and a pair of leather bags containing two fly fishing nets are also built into the side of the boot.

Mulliner has also installed a waterproof boot floor and sill protectors into the car to minimise damage from the wet equipment. A built-in dehumidifier also keeps the car’s interior dry.

There are also projector lights built into the bottoms of the doors, which project Bentley and Mulliner’s logos onto the ground upon opening. Aside from this, the rest of the car remains unchanged over the standard Bentayga.

The fishing set is entirely removable for when the driver doesn’t need the kit, although the fitted parts still mark out the fly fishing edition Bentayga out from its standard counterparts. Bentley and Mulliner identified fly fishing as an area of interest for the Bentayga demographic, but wouldn’t rule out a similar style pack for other outdoor pursuits, depending on the amount of demand. Mulliner’s on-demand service leaves the scope wide open, though.

There’s no limit on production because the edition is built to order. It’s available to order immediately, although waiting times are subject to build times as well on top of the waiting list for the standard, £160,000 Bentayga. 


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289 22 July 2016

Bentayga Fly Fishing edition

Well I may be in a minority, but I quite like the Bentayga....particularly in this colour combination.
And as a keen Fly fisherman this should be my wet dream (excuse the pun).
But honestly the tan hide will get awful stains from wet fishing gear and look awful within a few trips.
Whilst i don't doubt that I will see many Bantayga's on the prime Salmon beats in the Highlands, I doubt if many will have paid for this option, preferring specialist 'built for the job', fishing equipment from Sage, Patagonia, Hardy etc, and with Rods/reels carefully chosen to suit the owner rather than some arbitrary view of what constitutes a 'good package'
Funnily enough I couldn't find this option on Bentley's configurator.
I can think of one prick who turned up at a prime beat on the Spey, who would have loved this would have matched his clothing that some gents outfitter had 'fitted' him up with. All the gear and no idea comes to mind!
rmcondo 21 July 2016


abkq 20 July 2016

Read this as Bentley's self

Read this as Bentley's self-promotion. Too many Bentaygas parked outside nightclubs don't do Bentley's image any good. In order to maintain the illusion of class Bentley aligns itself with gentlemen's pursuits. The insane surcharge simply inflates the perceived exclusivity of the Bentayga, whether any is sold is besides the point.