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Australian firm makes a 300kg lightweight track special with a Ducati V-Twin engine

Niche Australian car maker Saprtan has launched this Ducati V-Twin-powered lightweight track special.

The two-seater Spartan V is claimed by the company to be a superbike with four wheels offering Ariel Atom V8-rivalling performance; it uses a 168bhp 1198cc Ducati V-Twin engine mated to a six-speed sequential gearbox to help propel it from 0-60mph in less than 3.0sec. Its top speed is a claimed 173mph.

See official pics of the Spartan V

Its tubular spaceframe chassis and carbonfibre bodywork help contribute to an overall claimed weight of less than 300kg. It has no roof, no doors and a speedster-style windscreen.

Just 300 units of the car will be made, each costing $90,000 AUD (£75,000).

Watch Autocar's exclusive video review of the Ariel Atom V8

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disco.stu 20 September 2010

Re: Australia's 'four-wheeled superbike'

5w30 wrote:
i think them aussies been drinkin a bit too much fosters...

A common misconception. Aussies don't drink that s**t. We sell it to the Brits and then laugh about it all the way to the bank. You can't buy Foster's in an Australian pub.

Which just means that they were drinking a bit too much of whatever is big in their state - VB, Tooheys, XXXX, Cooper's, Swan or Cascade, most likely...

spoolio 20 September 2010

Re: Australia's 'four-wheeled superbike'

Ha ha ha, it's an unwritten rule of the internet that almost every forum thread can go off topic within 2 pages.

Back on track, they say they're making 300 eh, good luck to them but bear in mind Ariel has done 850 Atoms in 10 years and they are much cheaper and you can drive them in the dark.

Maxycat 17 September 2010

Re: Australia's 'four-wheeled superbike'

5w30 wrote:
with a frontal area like that it will be hard to achieve 170 mph. It will have greater drag than a bike (which ironically in this case has good aerodynamics) weigh more and have the same power. There is more to aerodynamics than downforce.
Motorcycles have a narrow but taller frontal area than such a car but the drag co-efficient of cars is far better. That is the drag per unit of area is far better on all cars than any bikes. If you can envision a motorcycle and rider it would be similar in frontal area to this car but its drag would be far worse as the car has a smooth front. Yes there is more to aerodynamics than downforce but I expect this car has virtually no downforce as it has no wings showing therefore would be quite efficient aerodynamically with a low drag.