Currently reading: Audi A1 'demand outstrips supply'
New supermini production begins; waiting list expected

Audi A1 buyers may have to join a waiting list, as demand looks likely to exceed the 50,000 cars being built this year.

"In view of the high demand, orders could surpass the production capacity this year," Peter Schwarzenbauer, Audi's head of sales and marketing, told Automotive News Europe.

Audi A1 order book opens - full price and spec details

The Audi A1 will cost from £13,145 in the UK.

Audi estimates 90 per cent of interested buyers are first-time Audi customers, and is particularly keen to use the A1 to attract them as affluent young buyers traditionally move on to mlarger models in a make's range as they grow older.

Audi will ramp production up to 80,000 cars in 2011 and 100,000 cars beyond that.

Production of the Audi A1 began yesterday (Tuesday), with 500 cars being built a day.

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The Audi A1 is a stylish and competent supermini, if a little expensive - but does it have the edge over the Mini hatch, Seat Ibiza and Ford Fiesta?

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kash4011 15 May 2010

Re: Audi A1 'demand outstrips supply'

i would have thought that supply would undoubtedly outstrip demand for this foul,dull looking little runt of a car.........what a poor design effort after the a2's perfect just goes to show that the general public will fall for anything,if it wears a german prestige badge.

MrVaultTec 14 May 2010

Re: Audi A1 'demand outstrips supply'

vengey wrote:
However, when I bought it, I had to hear that comment from a lot of people. Girls as well as guys.

Can't really disagree with someone who owns the car but I've got to say, I'm very suprised.

vengey wrote:
Not sure where abouts in the country you are, but up in the north I don't see many guys driving a Mini. Even the Cooper S seems to attract the ladies.

I live in London but I'm in the Midlands and the South East a lot also and I see loads of guys driving them there too especially the 'hotter' versions like the Cooper S. Maybe you're just unlucky or something!

I personally have no problems being seen in a Mini, I love the cars as they're fun, cool and doesn't take itself too seriously and by the looks of things, the A1 could follow suit.

Lee23404 14 May 2010

Re: Audi A1 'demand outstrips supply'

disco.stu wrote:

Yes, and the Week 24 update says much the same thing - if the dealer has allocation. And i don't know any that do.

Yes I think dealer allocation is often the issue. I was enquiring about a new A3 the other day and was yold that delivery is not likely before September because of likely dealer allocation.