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Ultra-exclusive Zagato-designed pair will be built by R-Reforged in Warwick, full unveil due in summer

Illustrious coachbuilder Zagato has announced that its two latest Aston Martin-based bespoke models, the V12 Zagato Heritage Twins, will be built in the UK and fully unveiled this summer. 

Previewed in render images ahead of the full reveal, the two models are based on the outgoing Aston Martin V12 Vantage S and are designed to celebrate the fruitful 60-year relationship Zagato has had with Aston. They will be hand-built by bespoke manufacturer R-Reforged in its new facility in Warwick. 

Like the DBS GT Zagato and DB4 Zagato Continuation, the Heritage Twins consist of Coupé and Speedster models that can only be sold as pairs. Nineteen pairs will be produced in total, and Zagato claims the majority of them have already been sold at a price of £1.75m excluding local taxes. 

Aston martin vantage v12 zagato heritage twins by r reforged 3   speedster

As well as sporting uniquely sculpted carbonfibre bodywork, the Zagato Heritage Twins use an uprated version of the standard V12 Vantage S’s 5.9-litre V12, reworked to take power from 525bhp to 600bhp. Both models make use of active aero tech and feature a deployable rear wing, alongside centre-locking 19in bespoke wheels designed by APP Tech. 

Zagato CEO Andrea Zagato calls the pair "the perfect garage for a collector with two models that represent 100 years, from the foundation of Zagato and 60 years of collaboration with Aston Martin.

"The Speedster represents the purest form of sport and freedom while the Coupé is the most classic and timeless model. Most car collectors have started collections that are never quite complete. This collection, instead, is complete and may stand by itself."

This being a rather more bespoke buying process than any ‘regular’ Aston Martin, customers receive a special gift box once an order is placed. They can then specify every element of their new models at Aston’s design facility in Switzerland before being invited to watch some of the build process at R-Reforged’s new base. 

A full reveal of the V12 Zagato Heritage Twins is pegged for the summer, with deliveries due in the fourth quarter of 2020. 


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Q&A with David Fairbairn, director, R-Reforged

Tell us more about R-Reforged

"R-Reforged was formed in 2018 and is the automotive division of AF Racing AG.  We’re focused on what we describe as vehicle refinement and small-scale production, creating highly crafted and highly desirable bespoke products."

How did this project come about?

"A life-long Aston Martin fan, AF Racing founder Dr Andreas Baenziger bought a Zagato car and quickly built a warm relationship with Andrea and Marella Zagato. They discussed possible projects in order to work together and the idea for the Aston Martin Vantage V12 Zagato Heritage Twins was born."

What is R-Reforged’s role in this project?

"R-Reforged is the lead for this programme and will be responsible for the engineering, development and manufacture of the 19 sets of Twins in new facilities located in Warwick. We will liaise with the customer throughout the commissioning process, ensuring it is a discreet, special and personal experience. We will also source the original vehicles; we have already purchased a number of Vantage models, including some ‘zero mileage’ cars."

Explain the engineering involved.

"There is significant engineering involved for both cars but particularly so with the Speedster. That’s also the car that we think will surprise and impress people performance-wise. Like the Coupé, it’s fitted with the most powerful Vantage engine but benefits from removing the heavy roof mechanism. Factor in cumulative gains from the all-new carbonfibre body, lighter forged wheels and other chassis revisions, and it will be substantially more responsive and, like the Coupé, drive beautifully. By making both of these cars thrilling to drive, we want owners to actually want to use them and enjoy every experience.

"Having grown our engineering team, we are now moving forward with the next stage of development that includes validating the revised roll-over deployment mechanism, aero-mapping and high-speed testing the new active wing, as well as comprehensive damper tuning on both UK and European roads. Engineering director Adam Donfrancesco believes the Speedster could be the lightest Vantage and his team has set itself a target of achieving this. We have already specified a titanium exhaust and are evaluating other opportunities such as swapping the traditional battery for a lithium ion version." 

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You’ve announced a new facility in the UK. Why did you now choose the UK to build the cars?

"The experience with the Aston Martin Vanquish 25 by Callum highlighted to AF Racing’s directors the breadth of expertise and skills available in the UK. Within 50 miles of Warwick you can get anything created, making it the ideal location for low-volume production and one-off builds. So R-Reforged has acquired more space in Warwick to house the build process." 

What will be the next project for R-Reforged?

"We are already working on a few exciting projects scheduled for later this year, some private bespoke commissions as well as another low-volume production run. There is more demand for custom builds and we go much further than pure aesthetics."

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Peter Cavellini 21 April 2020


 Nothing wrong if you collect cars, you may just like the way they look, your not depriving anyone if you bought one, two and had never even sat in them let alone driven them, online you see them abandoned in the Emirates like rubbish,and, I don't 5hinknmany of them are driven daily, stock saying, your money, your choice.

Mikey C 21 April 2020

A neat trick to make buyers

A neat trick to make buyers buy TWO cars at the same time 

(no embedded links in the posting)

rare 21 April 2020

You see lots of Astons recent

You see lots of Astons recent Zegato's for sale. Have to wonder how easy/ hard they were to shift. Great details on them though.