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Firm's most expensive new car ever will be sold as a pair with DBS GT Zagato
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12 August 2019

Aston Martin is gearing up to begin deliveries of its limited-run DB4 GT Zagato Continuation, with ten customerexamples nearing completion at the firm’s Newport Pagnell-based Heritage Division.

Each car is the result of around 4500 hours of labour carried out by the engineers, handcrafted using what Aston calls "artisan coachbuilding skills", including techniques more commonplace in the middle of the last century.

The first completed DB4 GT Zagato Continuation model was shown at the Le Mans 24 Hours in JuneIt was painted in Rosso Maja, a colour mixed by paint supplier Max Meyer specially for use on the original Zagato DB4. 

Inside, carbonfibre race seats are trimmed in black leather, as are the door cards and headliner, with carpets decorated to match. A full FIA-approved roll cage and period-correct race instrumentation also feature.

As well as the 19 DB4 GT Zagato Continuation models being produced, the same number of a bespoke new supercar, called the DBS GT Zagato, are scheduled for production, but the two models will only be available to buy as a package – at a cost of £6 million for the set, before tax.

The track-only DB4 GT Zagato is powered by an updated 4.7-litre version of the Tadek Marek-designed straight-six engine that features in the original. It delivers more than 390bhp to the rear wheels through a four-speed manual transmission and limited-slip differential. 

The modern car has not yet been revealed fully, but renderings released by Aston offer a good glimpse at its dramatic design. It’s based on the DBS Superleggera, and will feature the same short tail and double-bubble roof of previous Zagato Astons. The 715bhp turbocharged 5.2-litre V12 will also remain.


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Aston Martin boss Andy Palmer said: "The partnership between Aston Martin and Zagato is one of the most fruitful and enduring in the automotive world. With Zagato celebrating its centenary next year, what better way to celebrate this landmark - and the long-standing bond between our two great companies - than creating these 19 pairs of cars.”   

While the DBS Zagato is road-legal, the DB4 GT Zagato is a track-only car, given that the latter is based on a now 58-year-old design. The DBS Zagato will be built at Aston Martin’s Gaydon facility.

Despite the cars’ simultaneous announcements, deliveries of the two are a full year apart - the continuation DB4 GT Zagato will reach customers in the final months of 2019, while deliveries of the DBS GT Zagato will begin at the end of 2020.

It's the latest in a string of Aston Martin continuation projects - the DB4 GT was resurrected for a continuation run of 25 models, which were sold for £1.5m each; while, more recently, 25 Goldfinger-spec DB5s were announced for production, to the James Bond car specification.

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19 September 2018

What's wrong with the current cars that they have to keep dipping in to their back catalogue?


Continuation models as a rarity is one thing, but these are now far too frequent.   Surely every ten years or more is better to keep that scarcity?


But £ 6 million for two cars is just milking their customers.   Are the current models not selling?


10 April 2019

I love seeing skilled craftsmen literally making a car by hand.  It's amazing to me.

19 September 2018

 No, of course not, but you and I won’t be concerned, we like to see the outrageous, the Cars that are commissioned one offs, Aston are only trying to make a quid or two to help develope their mainstream (?) models....

19 September 2018

With Ferrari's anouncement yesterday and now this £6m whopper I'm getting seriously worried that we might soon be running short of oligarchs and oil billionaires. 

When the world comes to it's senses and starts properly taxing these folk there's a chance our favourite supercar brands might fold like a pack of cards. Their cost bases must be huge now and they appear to need the seemingly endless streams off over-priced rip-offs to stay in profit. 

19 September 2018

Aston are doing this a bit to often for my liking. Wonder how long before even commited AM fans become tired of this money spinning excercise.

Personnaly if I won the lotto and desired a vintage AM car I'd buy a top DB5, probably be more likely to go up in value too.

19 September 2018

I don't understand what you lot are complaining about?


How is it possibly skin off anybody's nose if Aston (or any other manufacturer) produces continuation models?  (Except for those who own originals, and why should we care about them?)


Personally, I would much much rather buy a new Integrale than a new Civic Type R, and would do if Lancia would sell me one.


I would buy a Countach LP400 in preference to an Aventador.


I would buy a 512TR over an 812.


Much more recently, I would buy a Discovery 4 in preference to a Discovery 5.


Porsche always got this with the 911 (until they cocked it up with turbos).


If I could choose, I would want car manufacturers to do what Casio does and never stop making cars - just occasionally add new ones to the range.

19 September 2018

You're a hopeless romantic old chap. Not a fan of progress either. Do you turn the colour off on your TV...

19 September 2018

You've picked cars from the 80's not the 50's.

Each to their own but would you really pay £6 million+ for a new Countach LP400 paired with a 512TR over the best examples of genuine ones?

Back to case in point for £6 million+ you buy some of the best DB4's, with history, out there. A house to put them in to.

23 September 2018

..about how others spend their money? 

I always think it provides income for craftsmen and is good advertising for the brand.  My guess is that most of the bemoaners are not prospective clients and never likely to be.

Sad really...


10 April 2019

Being a continuation of the Zagato, would it have been more appropraite for Zagato to be given the opportunity to make the bodies for these DB4's, over in Italy?


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