Currently reading: Aston Martin files trademarks for new DB names
Registrations made for the trademarks DB10 through to DB14, in preparation for the planned 2016 launch of the DB9 successor
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20 August 2014

Aston Martin has applied for the trademarks DB10 through to DB14, in preparation for the reveal of the next DB model.

The successor to the DB9, which will feature a twin-turbo AMG V8 engine and new styling, is planned to go on sale in 2016 – but its name has not yet been confirmed.

Geneva Motorshow update: Aston Martin reveals the tech spec and pricing for the forthcoming DB11

“It’ll definitely be a DB,” Aston Martin's design director Marek Reichman has said previously, “but what number will follow, that is yet to be decided.”

Although the trademark application for DB14 was applied for first, rumours suggest that the next DB model might bear the name DB10.

Some company executives are reported to be keen on retaining the DB9 name for the new car.

However, Aston has historically moved forward the numerical denomination of its model names to emphasise the design and performance advances made by the newest of its cars.

Read more about Aston Martin's future model plans.

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20 August 2014
I like.

20 August 2014
Very smart indeed. Sleek & muscular, but surely the company should move on as the design has & not stick with DB9? New era and all that…

20 August 2014
jdubbya wrote:

Very smart indeed. Sleek & muscular, but surely the company should move on as the design has & not stick with DB9? New era and all that…

The image is an Autocar rendering nothing to do with Aston, that said if it did look like this then yes, it is a nice design, but certainly not "moved on". Just looks like a DB9 with a facelift.

20 August 2014
DB1 ?

20 August 2014
The generation after this will have a Mercedes floorpan and so it won't really be an Aston at all. The last one was paid for by Ford but at least they let Aston do their own thing. Well may Aston sweat over the badge - it is now one of the few contributions they make.

20 August 2014
I love Steve Sutcliffe's reviews in general and this one in particular. This is the second time I've seen it. Maybe it is because I love the DB9 so much and am tired of all the criticism thrown at it. God knows why AM can't do an OEM deal with a decent GPS vendor though... is it so costly to retool a dashboard opening? Must be. If they install the Vanquish's new ZF8 gearbox, then the GPS is the only sour note in the package.

Looking forward to hearing about its replacement and think the AMG tie-up is good. But then I was looking forward to the Jaguar F-Type and really don't like what they did. I hope AM stay faithfull to the design cues. I am sure they will - it is their bread and butter..

My view is they should stick to the DB9 name. The naming strategy at AM is all to pot though IMHO. Very untidy.

Either it should be:

V8 Vantage
V12 Virage
V12 Vanquish



Call me anal retentive.

20 August 2014
I'm not to keen on the C pillar,a bit GTR for my liking.other than that and what DB it should be,well, how about this.......start giving them names.

20 August 2014
Other than skipping the 8 I don't think they have. In fact, the DB6 Mk II was because they felt it wasn't enough of an improvement over the DB6. They had even done the drawing for the DB7 badge at the time! The DB7, of course, was much later. Only with the DB9 did they leap forward. If they did the only logical one would be DB12, 11 just doesn't roll off the tongue as easily.

21 August 2014 it replaces the DB9 and, as Symanski points out, DB11 just doesn't have the right ring to it.

21 August 2014
Well AMG are keeping the same name for the C63 and it is all going to be new,most importantly the engine,so i see nothing wrong with sticking to DB9.DB10 does not ring right,I agree.


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