Mugen-tuned Honda engine increases the Atom's power to 270bhp
17 December 2010

Ariel is launching a more powerful, Mugen-tuned version of its Atom sports car to celebrate the model's 10th anniversary.

Power for the ‘no screen, no roof, no doors,’ bare-essentials car comes courtesy of a Mugen-tuned version of the Honda K20Z Type R engine, the unit that has been used in regular Atoms since 2007.

Power is now up to 270bhp - a useful 25bhp increase over the standard spec.

Just 10 examples of the car will be built, each featuring a special livery and a numbered plate signed by the Mugen and Ariel technicians responsible for its build.

The Ariel Atom Mugen will be shown at the Autosport show in January, when full prices and final spec will be announced.

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Our Verdict

Ariel Atom

In every form the Ariel Atom delivers thrills as exhilarating as any car can deliver. And there’s no greater recommendation than that.

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17 December 2010

I reckon this is a more realistic proposition than the V8 monster. I have no doubt the thrill of an atom is driving without a screen, doors etc. so for me ultimate performance isn't an issue. Having driven a roofless doorless car for a number of years I'd also suggest there is no safer or greener form of transport. Tailgating when you can lose your eye to a stray stone? Not a chance. Trying to hard on a potentially slippery road. Nope. Taking a 4 hour trip to see Aunt Mildred in mid-winter? No.

17 December 2010

Crazy - I love it

20 December 2010

[quote Autocar]Power is now up to 270bhp - a useful 25bhp increase over the standard spec[/quote]

But 30 down on the car that Clarkson had such fun with. And if it's anything like the Mugen Civic it'll be twice the price as well. I don't see this as a step forward.

21 December 2010

I agree with the point that this car makes more sense than the V8, but I expect that with just 10 examples it will be very expensive.

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