Currently reading: New Alpine electric SUVs to gain A110-inspired handling
Electric range-toppers will rival Porsche Macan and Cayenne with torque vectoring and four-wheel steering

Alpine is set to launch D- and E-segment SUVs that will feature “high-performance and energised” chassis dynamics inspired by the A110, while fulfilling a brief to give the French brand a footprint in the crucial luxury car market. 

The electric range-toppers, which are expected in 2027 and 2028, will take the form of highly specified electric SUVs to rival the Porsche Macan and Cayenne

As such, they will be marketed as ‘lifestyle’ products, rather than pure-performance machines, but Alpine bosses have promised that engaging dynamics will still be among their core attributes. 

Alpine’s head of design, Antony Villain, said: “The idea is to use the driving experience of the A110 and duplicate it in different segments. We want something high-performance, sporty and energised. We don’t want something that just goes in straight lines super-quickly.” 

Alpine suv render front three quarter

Villain admitted how “ambitious” this is, not least because electric cars are inherently heavier than their combustion-engined equivalents. 

Translating the driving dynamics of the A110 to an electric SUV requires “various technical solutions”, said Villain, such as a low centre of gravity, torque vectoring and four-wheel steering, all of which are expected to feature on Alpine’s ‘lifestyle’ models. 

Asked for clues to the larger E-segment car’s overall dimensions, Villain said: “We’re using it to expand our footprint and especially to enter the US market. That’s why it’s bigger compared with Europe. I wouldn’t say it’s a compact car, but it’s not a large car. For Europe it’s a large car, but for the US it’s still compact.” 

Villain hinted at the E-segment model being about five metres in length, which would make it a natural rival to SUVs such as the Audi Q8 E-tron and BMW iX. The D-segment model is expected to be about 4.7m.

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catnip 14 September 2023

Yet more 'upmarket' SUVs - how many do we really need? There are just so many now, but I guess its all about manufacturers making hay whilst the sun shines, and massive short term profits for their shareholders.

Oh, and I disagree with Mr Villain, I'd say a 5 metre length IS a large car for Europe.

User8472 14 September 2023

These two cars, the white and blue, are two totally different designs, the front and back quarters in particular. I prefer the white one more. I like a lot of the EV designs, but they all have one major problem, they use the wrong type of propulsion, i.e. dumb batteries. These heavy, pretend green credentials, the flawed future tech, are the equivalent of driving a tank on our roads, chewing them up, making the already pothole ridden roads, 10 times worse. Still not buying any EV, petrol or hydrogen for me.

Alonso 14 September 2023
You'll be waiting a long time for hydrogen to take off.
Mikey C 14 September 2023

Here we go again.

I'm waiting for the Morgan electric SUV, giving the "traditional Morgan roadster experience", within the body of an electric 2 tonnes SUV coupe...

Followed by the Ducati electric SUV.

Anton motorhead 15 September 2023
Thanks for a good laugh, but you forgot to mention the Caterham and Westfield SUVs.