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New York motor show launch in April for Kia's new saloon
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22 February 2010

These are the first official pictures of the all-new Kia Magentis, which will be launched at April’s New York motor show.

The new Magentis will go on sale later this year in the US and Korea, where it is known as the Optima, and European sales will follow early in 2011.

See the official Kia Magentis pics

Kia told Autocar that the car encompasses everything it wanted to achieve with its future design under its chief designer Peter Schreyer and all new Kias were likely to feature styling cues taken from the Magentis.

The Magentis is longer, wider and lower than the model it replaces and sits on a longer wheelbase than the outgoing car. This has significantly increased both cabin and luggage space.

Although initial details on the new Magentis are scarce, Autocar understands that it will feature Kia’s next generation of petrol and diesel engines. The big-seller should be the 2.0-litre diesel taken from the Sportage.

A 2.0-litre petrol engine will be the staple of the petrol range, although Kia could introduce smaller-capacity petrol engines, should there be sufficient demand.

Kia concedes that the Magentis is never likely to be a major seller in Europe, but believes the large saloon segment is one in which it must compete, as a volume manufacturer.

But the real demand for the car will come from the US and domestic markets, where its much improved styling and dynamics should hold appeal for buyers.

At present, the Magentis name is strongly expected to remain in Europe, although Kia is considering a numerical system for its future cars. It is introducing such a system in Korea.

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22 February 2010

If these are 'official' pictures, why is only an anonomous 'source' being quoted? Am I to believe that there is a witch hunt in force now at Kia's UK HQ looking for the leaker? It's either official and quotable, or it's not.

Therefore, if this car is launched as pictured, I'll eat my own faeces, I'm confident I won't be chowing down though so more frippery and fantasy masquerading as 'fact'.

Come on Autocar, you can do better.

22 February 2010

More than a hint of Passat CC me thinks.

22 February 2010

if this is what the future from korea looks like i would say its welcome! Kia is on the up big style! from a company that was producing dire cars in the 90's such as the mentor clarus and shuma, i'm not surprised so many private buyers are heading to them.

22 February 2010

This looks great. If they get the proportions right it'll be a winner. Niche cars are easy - it's very hard to do a decent family saloon, as just about the entire car industry has proved over recent years.

22 February 2010

Strange then that these "official" pictures are nothing more than computer generated images. If the real car looks like this then I will be amazed if the driver could find a position to see out of the windows

22 February 2010

A car that looks as good from the back as it does form the front. If the Magentis turns out looking like these sketches it should put to bed all those that knock them. Obvioulsy it will have to perform half decently too.

22 February 2010

hardly surprising as it is penned from the same designer. I doubt very much that the road-ready model will look like this and rather feature elements from these sketches.

22 February 2010

Cant understand what all the whining is about, Yes the car wont look exactly like the sketch, heck its a sketch for christ sake not a photograph. Trust me the real car wouldnt look like the first displayed concept even.

Cant understand why people find this hard to digest, European and Japanese car makers have been doing this for decades and car mags have reported the same. Whats with all the complaining now, people cant digest the fact that the Koreans could make a good looking sedan or what??

22 February 2010

Well if it gets out of the computer like this it'll be a stunner!, but as usual, yep, you guessed it, it won't!

22 February 2010

Is this better? In case you're wondering what K5 is...K5 is the car's numerical name

Kia K5 Rendering


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