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Revived American brand adds SUV to line-up, with raft of innovative chassis and powertrain features

The revival of General Motors' Hummer marque has continued with the unveiling of an electric SUV, which will arrive in 2023 as an 800bhp-plus rival to the Rivian R1S.

Joining a closely related Hummer pick-up truck, the SUV sits atop GM's advanced Ultium electric car platform and promises a choice of "maximum driving efficiency or maximum off-road ability". 

The car's blocky two-box silhouette, rugged styling and slatted front grille are reminiscent of the Hummer H2 and H3 but, with the large combustion engines making way for a much more powerful tri-motor set-up, the EV will offer significantly improved performance both on and off-road. 

GM estimates a maximum output of 819bhp, which is 167bhp less than the top-rung version of the pick-up but nonetheless enough to take the SUV from 0-60mph in 3.5sec.

A claimed torque figure of 11,500lb ft is several times more than produced by even today's most powerful production cars, but the real-life figure is likely to be closer to 1000lb ft when factoring in the multiplying effect of the gear ratios. 

GM has yet to detail precise battery specifications but has confirmed that the SUV will store its power in a 20-cell, double-stacked battery pack capable of 800V charging at rates of up to 300kW and offering a range of more than 300 miles, depending on specification.

Equipped with the optional Power Station function, the car can also be used to power external devices - and even other EVs - at up to 6kW. 

The drive system is capable of sending all available power to individual wheels in turn, which means the SUV can keep moving "in some of the toughest driving conditions and terrain". It has 13in of suspension travel, can climb at a 60deg angle in both directions, can scale 18in verticals and can wade at depths of more than two feet. 

Like the pick-up, the SUV is equipped with an innovative Crabwalk function that steers the rear axle to allow the vehicle to move diagonally. Because it has a 9mm-shorter wheelbase, GM claims it will offer "even greater manouverability". A turning circle of 35.4ft is, GM notes, smaller than that of the Ford Mustang Mach-E. 

The Hummer SUV's basic body-on-battery structure is shared with the pick-up, so it comes with the same Infinity Roof removable panels, which essentially turns it into a convertible. It also shares the Super Cruise 8 autonomous functions, adaptive air suspension, 35-37in off-road tyres and extensive protective underbody protection. 

Inside, it features a 13.4in infotainment touchscreen and a 12.3in digital instrument display. With the rear seats folded flat, it offers up to 2305 litres of boot space. 


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Bob Cholmondeley 7 April 2021

I'm sure the 4-wheel stering will be very helpful in acheiving the reasonable turning circle but, claiming a 9mm reduction in wheelbase, is going to yield "even greater manouverability" is just marketing nonsense, espedially as this ridiculous monster is probably as long and wide as a long-wheelbase 3,5 tonne Transit.

FRI2 6 April 2021

Now that is a real  SUV that can go anywhere with the looks too. Makes any Land Rover product look sissy in comparison (which they are). 

shiftright 6 April 2021

"Sissy"? My, aren't you an anachronistic old fart? Please regale us with tales of your machoness!Also, the Hummer's massive dimensions and weight are not what a keen off-road driver would ever want. Although I adimire the tech and like the looks, it stays true to the knuckle-dragging ethos of the original in conccept.