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Slow-selling EcoSport compact SUV gets styling, interior and mechanical upgrades in a bid to stay competitive against its rivals
Darren Moss
2 mins read
13 July 2015

The updated Ford EcoSport compact SUV will go on sale this October, priced from £14,245.

Customers can now specify the Fiesta-based EcoSport without its boot-mounted spare wheel, while interior options now include leather trim and new chrome details. EcoSport models ordered without the spare wheel now get a tyre mobility kit instead.

Ford also says it has improved the car’s handling and ride comfort, with revisions made to its springs, dampers, ESC and steering systems.

The options list now includes a winter pack, which adds a heated windscreen and mirrors, as well as heated front seats and extra ventilation for rear passengers. The car’s ride height has also been dropped by 10mm, which Ford says has improved handling.

Improvements have also been made to the EcoSport’s 1.5-litre TDCi diesel engine, which now offers more power at 94bhp, and returns a claimed 64.2mpg with CO2 emissions of 115g/km. Ford’s 1.0-litre EcoBoost petrol, which delivers 123bhp, is unchanged, as is the 1.5-litre Ti-VCT petrol. All EcoSport engines now meet Euro 6 emissions standards.

Ford has been looking to update the slow-selling EcoSport in the face of mounting criticism over the car’s poor mechanical refinement. Autocar’s Matt Saunders called the old EcoSport the worst model in the Blue Oval’s current line-up, saying it was “below the class standard in just about every area.”

The decision to refresh the EcoSport is aimed at keeping the car competitive against rivals that include the Renault Captur and Vauxhall Mokka - both of which hold 3.5-star Autocar road test ratings to the EcoSport’s 3 stars. The Renault Captur has a price tag of £14,295, while the Mokka currently retails for £16,474.

Official figures show that Ford sold 2786 units of the EcoSport in the UK in 2014, with a further 4100 examples being sold so far this year. Meanwhile, figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) show that Vauxhall sold 33,857 units of the Mokka in this country in 2014, while 20,466 examples of the Renault Captur were sold during the same period.

According to industry analysts IHS, Ford is predicted to sell 20,239 examples of the EcoSport in Europe in 2015. The car is produced in India, at Ford's Chennai plant.

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22 January 2015
judging by the covered rear end of this thing Ford are facelifting the wrong end.

22 January 2015
I'm still not convinced this is really a car for the European market. It feels a bit 90s Toyota Rav4 in a market that is now really very Renault Captur, as the sales figures are showing. Given the success of the Fiesta, you'd think Ford have this covered. Sadly though, they haven't. It took ages for this thing to reach the UK after originally being unveiled, same as the Mondeo and facelifted Focus after it.

22 January 2015 see why this is such a failure. I find it hard to believe Ford have sold any at all. What a dog!! And now the best driving car in it's class, the Mondeo, has been reduced to an also-ran. This global policy is hardly reaping the rewards Ford must have hoped for.

22 January 2015
The market is clearly there, but the product Ford is trying to sell is appalling. It must rate as the worst car on sale today.

22 January 2015
Marc wrote:

The market is clearly there, but the product Ford is trying to sell is appalling. It must rate as the worst car on sale today.

Would not go that far considering SsaangYong still sells cars in the UK and doubt they are better than this, also don't forget the Vauxhall Antara is on sale also and that thing is not good at all as well.

23 January 2015
They really are bad, I currently have one sitting on my drive, it belongs to my mother-in-law who kindly dumped it on us whilst she's on Holiday in the sun for six weeks. There's not one peice of trim that fits together properly, the gap between the dash and the base of the windscreen pillars is completely different on each side, on the passenger side you can literally fit all your fingers in. The dash also seems to made of the same plastic that Hyundia used on their Accent in the mid 90's

The centre console moves about 50mm either way with little effort, the seats are supposed to be leather and are that flat, that even conering at the slowest of speeds means you have grip the steering wheel to stop yourself sliding off. You need to be built like Geoff Capes to close the tail gate and the paint finish is shocking, there's what looks to be a strand of hair under the paint on the passenger door.

I know Ford are generally a shite company when it comes to building cars, but this is something else.

22 January 2015
I've seen a few of these on the road, and I just feel sorry for the (mainly older) people who have put their money into one. Ford are being incredibly lazy: This is a lucrative, growing section of the market and this is all they can be bothered offering to customers.

23 January 2015
Judging by the (very few) EcoSports I've seen on the road, this appears to be the natural successor to the Fusion, bought by pensioners who value the high(er) seating position. That car was hilariously marketed as an "urban activity vehicle" to trendy Hoxton types before finding its own niche. Who came up with the name EcoSport, as it is neither of those things? IMHO, this falls into the same category as the Nissan Micra, Mitsubishi Mirage and Suzuki Celerio, all developed for Emerging Markets and insufficiently refined and sophisticated for Europe. As an aside, Marc, do you really mean 50mm? That's two inches in old money!

23 January 2015
Well considering it was engineered with Brazil as the main market, it did need tweaking for Western tastes. I like the styling, chunky and tough, but it was cost-reduced brutally internally. Ford's One-ford policy needs to respond to regional preferences to make it worthwhile. Also overpriced compared to 2008 and Juke...

24 January 2015
What's controversial about the side-hinged tailgate? There's not much choice to do otherwise with a spare wheel attached to it. RAV4 was the same, even after they took away the spare wheel and replaced it with a useless can of foam.


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