Currently reading: Pure Electric launches two new machines that 'reinvent' the e-scooter
The Pure Advance and Pure Advance Flex will join the brand's line-up

Pure Electric has revealed two new models which it says “reinvent” e-scooter design, and which are notable for their twin footboards that allow a rider to place their feet side by side.

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Called Pure Advance and Pure Advance Flex, the latter a more compact and easy to fold model, the new scooters, each weighing 16kg, are said to have been designed with rider experience and safety as the two uppermost priorities.

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As a result, the central chassis has a foot pad on either side, allowing the rider to stand with their feet alongside each other, rather than with one behind the other as has been typical for e-scooters to date. Pure Electric says this gives the rider greater stability and control.

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“To really inspire change and challenge the traditional way people travel, we knew that we had to create a product that is fundamentally different,” said Sam Bernard, Pure Electric's Chief Technology Officer. “What we’ve seen so far from e-scooter manufacturers are essentially children’s scooters with a narrow riding deck, simply enhanced by a battery and a motor.

“Our brand-new e-scooter range features footpads placed on either side of a central chassis which allows the rider to take a more natural forward-facing position. This groundbreaking approach puts the rider lower to the ground which means their experience is more stable and comfortable. With the Pure Advance and Pure Advance Flex, the rider can easily lean into turns making the sensation controlled and fun, like gliding across the ground.”

Boosting the Pure Advance range’s safety credentials, the e-scooters also feature Pure Electric’s trademarked Pure Control steering stabilisation technology, which helps balance the scooter by stabilising its handlebars. Braking is provided by a rear regenerative brake and a robust front drum brake, while the 10-inch tubeless, air-filled tyres are larger and wider than average, as well as more absorbent over bumps.

Other safety features include  front and rear indicators, which have been included to future-proof the scooters in markets such as the UK, where legislation to make e-scooters legal is still being drafted. A front LED light, four times brighter than used on Pure Electric’s previous generation models, is also used to make other road users aware of the rider’s presence. The rear LED doubles as a brake light, intensifying its brightness when the rider brakes.

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All Pure Advance models have 500W rated motors, with a peak power of 710W. The entry-level Pure Advance model can run for up to 40km (25 miles), while Pure Advance+ can cover up to 50km (31 miles), on a single charge. The more compact Pure Advance Flex can travel up to 40km (25 miles). All models are IP65 rated for waterproofing.

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“Transport systems across the world are broken,” said Pure Electric boss Adam Norris, who founded the company in 2018 (and is the father of F1 racer Lando Norris, which is why he's in some of these press pics). “Millions of people waste countless hours trapped in congestion while indirectly damaging our environment, through lack of choice.

“We are driven by a fierce ambition to reinvent personal travel and today, we’re immensely proud to launch Pure Advance and Pure Advance Flex, specifically created for people striving to get the best out of city living.”

Prices start from £799 for the Pure Advance model in matt black or grey and rise to £1099 for the Pure Advance Flex in mercury grey or platinum silver. 

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Pure Advance

Colours: Matt black, matt greyPrice: £799Range: 25 miles (40km)Weight: 16kgAv Motor: 500 WattsPeak Motor: 710 Watts1%20Pure%20Advance1

Pure Advance PlusColours: Platinum silver, mercury greyPrice: £899Range: 31 miles (50km)Weight: 16kgAv Motor: 500 WattsPeak Motor: 710 Watts

Pure Advance FlexColours: Platinum silver, mercury greyPrice: £1099Range: 25 miles (40km)Weight: 16kgAv Motor: 500 WattsPeak Motor: 710 Watts


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