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A stripped-back-to-the-bare-bones e-bike that oozes style for a surprisingly affordable price

Watt New York Fixie Electric Bike

What does it cost?

£1325, putting it in the entry-level range.

What is it?

The Watt New York Fixie Electric Bike is a bare-bones e-bike, ideal for urban riding. It’s priced as an entry-level bike, but it looks like it could be straight out of a Brooks England catalogue. With a pared-back aesthetic and subtle battery placement in the downtube, it overshadows the modest price at first glance.

The 250W motor is rear hub-mounted and provides 33lb ft of torque. There are five levels of assistance provided with a maximum assisted speed of 15.5mph. The levels are adjusted via the handlebar-mounted screen, which also provides you with trip information, speed and battery level.

A Samsung 36V – 8.7Ah, 314Wh battery is discreetly located in the downtube, helping to give a polished look to the bike. The suggested range is between 18.5 and 37 miles, which is on a par with other similarly priced bikes.

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Watt has gone for a single-speed set-up, which is great from a simplicity point of view and reduces maintenance requirements. The rim brakes used aren’t the most powerful, but an obvious step to help weight reduction and overall stylistic reasons.

In terms of weight, the German brand has managed to keep it down to 17.5kg. It’s light enough to be carried through the house or to the car but not low enough for it to be easily taken on a train or bus.

When Watt says it has stripped the bike back to the essentials, it means it. There are no luggage racks or mounting points for bottle cages. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it does reduce the versatility of what the bike can be used for. Even so, it’s important to remember that the New York Fixie Electric Bike is not meant to be an endurance bike-packing rig. Instead, it’s a bike designed to get you comfortably from A to B, and it does that in style.

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A hidden treat is the attached two-pronged kickstand, which tucks nicely under the bike frame and balances the bike steadily when in use.

What is it like?

The Watt New York is a comfortable and fun bike to ride. Whether you’re cruising around town or riding down country lanes, this bike has a lot to offer - all at a very reasonable price.

The motor engages quickly, which is great for setting off at junctions or traffic lights. It’s quiet as well, so you’re comfortably able to hear yourself think over the motor noise. The five assistance levels are responsive, and each level powers you up hills even with the single gear.

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The gear ratio Watt has chosen is 2.75 between the chainring and the cog on the back. This ratio is good for top-end speed and cruising about town but can be hard work when the assistance is not activated.

Interestingly, the size small is equivalent to a size 54 frame (the measurement of the top tube). In the road cycling industry, size 54 is usually a medium-sized frame, and at 165cm tall, this tester found it to be a little bit too big. This won’t be an issue for taller riders, but for people who are below 170cm tall, be aware you might feel a bit stretched.

The larger sizing extends to the brake levers, which meant it was difficult to reach them. Of course, this can be solved by swapping out the levers, but it’s something to be aware of for those with smaller hands.

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In contrast, the handlebars are noticeably narrower than some other urban e-bikes’, which makes them ideal for nipping through small gaps and sharing the space with other vehicles.

The wheels are attached to the bike using nuts rather than the more common quick-release skewers. Therefore, if you need to take the wheel off, for example, to repair a puncture, you’ll need to carry an appropriate tool.

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You’ll also note that Watt has gone for some exciting white tyres on this bike. This novelty does wear off quite quickly when you can’t get them clean again, but the tyre compound provides a smooth ride and inspires confidence over uneven British roads.

Should I buy one?

The Watt New York Fixie Electric Bike is a stylish and comfortable ride, ideal for the urban rider or the commuter who doesn’t want to arrive at work and head straight for the shower.

Its stripped-to-the-bare-bones nature makes it a bicycle in a pure form, just with added battery-powered assistance.

Where can I buy it?

You can buy it from Ride and Glide, a shop in Sussex that sells all things electric.

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How does it arrive?

It comes with the battery charger, allen keys to adjust the handlebars and saddle height, and spanners for the wheels and pedals.

Watt New York Fixie Electric Bike verdict: 3.5 out of 5 stars

At £1325, it’s a lot of bike for the money. If you’re after a simple and attractive bike to get you around town (as long as you’re over 170cm tall), then you should certainly consider it.

Watt New York Fixie Electric Bike at a glance

Cost £1325

Frame size tested S – 54cm

Weight of bike 17.5kg

Groupset Single-speed drivetrain

Wheels/tyres 700c wheels

Motor 250W, rear hub-mounted, 33lb ft torque

Battery Samsung 36V – 8.7Ah, 314Wh

Mileage range 18.5-37 miles

Assistance levels 5 modes, max speed assistance 15.5mph

Charge time 3-5 hours

Included extras Handlebar-mounted screen, two-pronged kickstand

Words and pictures by Rebecca Bland




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The Colonel 19 August 2021

It's a frame for a men's bike, so it would be a stretch for a shorter lady, not least as they specify rider height from 166cm, so, yes, it would be a stretch for someone shorter.  They will create a 51.5cm frame (or intervals up to 54cm) upon request, however.

Also, a Dutch company, not German.

Peter Cavellini 19 August 2021

Well, this is a first, me, commenting on something I haven't done for over forty years, no mention of Saddle type, is there a comfort Saddle?, or sports Saddle?.