1994 Benetton up for sale on internet auction site
11 November 2009

Michael Schumacher’s title-winning Benetton Formula One car from 1994 has appeared for sale on eBay.

The German drove the Ford Cosworth-powered car to his first of seven world titles. It is described as being in “racing condition”.

The seller, from Toronto, has advertised the car on the German eBay site and it is being sold with several spare parts, including two extra sets of wheels and tyres, and its data laptop, to monitor the fluid levels and temperatures.

The bodywork and livery remain identical to that seen during the 1994 season, but the damage Schumacher sustained in the 1994 season finale has been fixed.

The German controversially took the title after crashing into Damon Hill in Adelaide after suffering a problem. The collision forced Hill to retire and allowed Schumacher to maintain his one-point advantage and clinch his first world championship.

So far, the car has attracted 184 bids and has reached more than 2.6 million euro (£2.3m), although the winning bidder will have to pay an extra 10,000 euros (£9000) for shipping. The auction is scheduled to end on Monday.

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11 November 2009

You forgot to mention the most important fact.

The seller lists the car as having traction control!

This was banned in 1994, so confirms the rumours that Michael Schumacher won the championship with the aid of illegal traction control.


11 November 2009

[quote RacingPuma]This was banned in 1994, so confirms the rumours that Michael Schumacher won the championship with the aid of illegal traction control[/quote] Na.....i may not agree with the tactic of crashing into Hill if it was deliberate....but i dont think it was...however the FIA and the other teams are not stupid to let him win a championship in an illigal car....the traction control in F1 cars can be added on and thats what Beneton did before selling the car....so please do not tarnish the reputation of the only '7 time' world champion and the greatest driver in the history of the sport.

11 November 2009

These events have been well documented over the years. The traction control was found to be activated by a hidden "option 13" on the car's electronics menu.

Eventually, the FIA introduced standard electronic ECUs to F1 so that they could police it properly.


11 November 2009

I hope your not saying schumacher was not worthy of the championship, even if the car was illegal, most F1 cars are in some hidden way, only some big ones get found out like mclaren with their 3rd pedal, that other team i forget which had a 2nd hidden fuel tank. cheating in some way goes on everywhere. Once that is assumed as a given, any driver that wins is legitiamate in comaprison to his competitors.

11 November 2009

The FIA couldn't (Or wouldn't) prove that the TC had been used, or not during the season. (From memory) Benetton said the software was there, but had been "Blanked off" and not used during the season..... They reintroduced T/C because they couldn't Police it, unless a standard ECU is used (Which is what we have now)

11 November 2009

Shumacher tarnished his reputation by himself.

11 November 2009

I wish i'd won the £90,000,000

11 November 2009

You could buy the whole Toyota F1 team!

11 November 2009

This has got to be a must have purchase for anyone with a love motorsport. The year this car was fired in anger, (in the hands of the then young and highly motivated Schumacher) would see the death of a legend (A.Senna) and the start of a new era of sporting domination with the German using his combination of brilliance and pure racing ruthlessness.

1994 championship must be remembered as an absolutely stunning year on many levels and this car represents to me how and why that year unfolded how it did. The fight between Schumacher, Senna then Hill was the ultimate in motorsport in conjunction with the fight between Benetton and Williams teams, (and the FiA also throwing the dice in various ways by using disqualifications and bans to create further the tensions) all contributed to make the most-breath taking of years... This car needs to be bought by the right people and preserved for the memorys of that year!

12 November 2009

[quote beachland2]only some big ones get found out like mclaren with their 3rd pedal, that other team i forget which had a 2nd hidden fuel tank.[/quote]

The McLaren 3rd pedal was never illegal (until Ross Brawn protested anyway). Charlie Whiting was informed of the device since its conception. Agricultural tractors have similar devices.

The hidden fuel tank was BAR-Honda. But it was actually, to my eyes anyway, an innovative interpretation of the rules, not something overtly illegal. Tyrrell was busted for having a lead-ballast tank in the mid 1980's.

Yes, the 1994 Benetton was found to have traction control installed into the ECU. But the Benetton team said the system was never used.....................It never ceases to amaze me how the Mosley-era-FIA was so willing to look the other way, or take the defendent's word on the face value, or act to protect its own interests to the detriment of its legitimacy (and that of the sport). Unless the team in question was McLaren of course.

What about Fernando "The X factor" Alonso? :P


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