Currently reading: Schuey set to agree Merc deal
German paper claims Schuamcher has agreed a £3.1m deal to drive next season

Michael Schumacher has agreed a 3.5 million euro deal (£3.1m) to drive for Mercedes GP in Formula One next season, according to German media reports.

Daily newspaper Bild and news magazine Focus both quote an unnamed source close to the seven-time world champion, who claims a one-year verbal contract has been agreed between Mercedes and the German.

The source claims Schumacher’s talks with Ferrari about him leaving his consultancy role have been positive and as soon as he gets the go-ahead from doctors, the deal will be signed.

“The signature is just a formality,” said the source. “Schumacher feels fit and healthy. The latest [medical] tests were entirely positive. He can't wait for the return and working with Ross Brawn again.”

As part of the deal, the source claims Schumacher is set to become a long-term ambassador for the Mercedes brand.

When asked about his potential comeback at a karting event yesterday, Schumacher declined to comment.

“I'm sorry, I don't want to say anything,” he said. “I'm here for the karts and just want to have fun."

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BigEd 15 December 2009

Re: Report: Schuey agrees Merc deal

couple of points:

it's not about money. he's as rich as Croesus. he's already said he'd do it for nothing.

whether it's a €3m or €7m wage he'd earn more from personal sponsorship if he wanted anyway. he's a racer, who can't live without real hi-line racing.

the plan is to have him back for one year and then he becomes Daimler/Mercedes-Benz's thee worldwide brand ambassador, which allows Daimler to exploit his image in the remaining growth regions in Asia(and what's left of the Middle East after the Dubai collapse) principally.

if he goes so-so he ends after the one year and morphs into his new super role with Daimler. if he goes well and the car is good he will certainly continue indefintely.

Ferrari have cleared the way for his move. that only leaves the medical check before it's confirmed.

where is Alan Henry's comment on this huge news? is he too embarrassed?

FR3000 14 December 2009

Re: Report: Schuey agrees Merc deal

It would be interesting to see how the new guys fair against (statistically) the best driver ever to grace F1. But....

...come-backs are historically a bad idea in most cases; he left on a pretty high point in his career and perhaps it's best to stay gone and leave the past where it is etc.

max48 14 December 2009

Re: Report: Schuey agrees Merc deal

Just, THE Doctor.

Finnish when you're on top I say.

We all hate to see a champ go on for too long or come back only to be reminded why he retired the first time.

Love him or hate him I don't think anyone wants to see MS beaten to a pulp by his younger faster stronger opponents although we might make an exception in his case. :)