Ex-Renault driver claims he has been the real victim of 'crashgate'
6 October 2009

Ex-Renault Formula One driver Nelson Piquet has claimed he is the real victim of the sport’s recent ‘crashgate’ scandal.

The French team was given a suspended two year ban after it was proven that Flavio Briatore, Pat Symonds and Piquet himself conspired to fix the result of last year’s Singapore grand prix, which was won by Piquet’s team mate Fernando Alonso.

In an interview with The Times, Piquet claimed the event has severely hampered his chances of ever returning to the sport.

"Some people have suggested I should have been punished by the FIA but, in reality, no one has been punished more than I have,” he said.

“I am at the beginning of my career, unlike the others who have been punished in this case. I am going to have to overcome many obstacles. I more or less have to start my career from scratch in Formula 1 or justify myself in whatever category I might race in.”

The Brazilian claims the plan to fix the race was only decided shortly before the start and he didn’t have time to think through his actions.

“The crash plan was only made hours before the race, I did not have time to think straight,” he said. “If the proposal had been made during free practice I would have had more time to think and to act in another way.”

Alonso was not involved in the plan, according to Piquet.

Alonso did not participate in the meeting when the idea of a crash was developed,” he said. “If he knew or not about the plan, is a detail that I do not know.”

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6 October 2009

I wish he'd stop bleating on about it and either go back to Brazil and help his father spend his money, or put some real effort in to being a racing driver (For the first time)

He is going to test a NASCAR Truck, thingy in the US. Which I suppose is a start.

Of course, if he hadn't planted it in the wall in the first place, he wouldn't be in this position

6 October 2009

Yeah mate, I feel for you.

All the dim offspring of minted ex-world champs should be handed a career on a plate, the FIA may have given you immunity but you are now finding out that recklessly endangering the lives of spectators, marshals & your racing colleagues has a price & Daddy can't do anything about that.

Best get to college sunshine, hope it goes well for you.

6 October 2009

"Piquet claimed the event has severely hampered his chances of ever returning to the sport."

See, it's not just politicians that say stupid things. Priceless.

6 October 2009

I agree with you, golfman

[quote golfman]"Piquet claimed the event has severely hampered his chances of ever returning to the sport."[/quote]

As it should. And with any luck this whiny attempt at special pleading will hamper his chances even further.

6 October 2009

VICTIM!, my a--e!

His immunity IS his punishment,nobody is going to employ a person who has endangered human life, including his own for the sake of what!?, just so the team can earn more pay from finishing first!?.He(Nelson Piquet) should be left to roam no- drive land for the rest of his natural,if you have no thought for your fellow man, and are interested in only remunaration, then go farming, grow coffee or something,but please don't sully honest people's toil and dedication for a few million dollars!

Peter Cavellini.

7 October 2009

Bollocks. He lacked the moral fibre to knock back the suggestion and then put into operation a plan which endangered himself, the marshalls and the public. Why he did it is an interesting question and one which will no doubt be the source of speculation for the conspiracy theorists on their days off for years to come. Me? I don't care. I'm just glad that he's unlikely to get a drive in anything more powerful than a golf cart any time in the near future unless Daddy buys him his own team.

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