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Racing legend expects a quick recovery despite breaking several bones in an accident

Stirling Moss expects to make a full recovery from his injuries sustained by falling down an elevator shaft within six weeks.

The British racing legend fell three stories at his home on Saturday and suffered two broken ankles, four broken bones to his foot, skin abrasions and four chipped vertebrae.

Despite the severity of his injuries, a statement on Moss’s website revealed he was hopeful of making a full recovery in just six weeks. He has also released a picture on Twitter of the lift in question.

See the picture of Stirling Moss's carbonfibre lift

“The family are very relieved that Stirling survived the fall, demonstrating that his body still has the same resilience to injury as it did in his racing days,” said the statement. “He is comfortable, following a good night’s rest post-surgery, and is well on the road to recovery.

“It is expected that it will take up to six weeks for him to recover from his injuries. The family would like to thank everyone on behalf of Stirling for their messages of support.”

Lady Moss, Stirling’s wife, said, “This was a very unfortunate accident; it could have just as easily been another member of the family stepping into where the lift should have been.”

He is currently recovering in the Royal London Hospital.

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tannedbaldhead 9 March 2010

Re: Moss recovery in 'six weeks'

weenedonpetrol wrote:
I fear that this is hopelessly optimistic

weenedonpetrol wrote:
6 months would be more realistic
6 months????

I broke my ankle 14 months ago was in plaster for 3 months walked with the aid of crutches then a stick for a further 3 months and still walk with a limp, and that's me at 44. What's more a motorcyle accident I had at 29 years of age still hurts.

weenedonpetrol 9 March 2010

Re: Moss recovery in 'six weeks'

Unfortunately, for Sir Stirling, I fear that this is hopelessly optimistic. He’s 80 and I would think 6 months would be more realistic given the extent of his injuries. I do hope I am being pessimistic and wish him a rapid recovery.