Firm takes 75 per cent stake in Brawn GP; team will be rebranded Mercedes GP
16 November 2009

Mercedes-Benz has bought a 75 per cent of the Brawn GP team and will rebrand it as Mercedes GP.

The German firm is bucking the trend of manufacturers pulling out of the sport by increasing its interests and financial commitments. It currently owns a 40 per cent stake in the McLaren team, but it will sell this back to the McLaren Group over the next two years.

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Mercedes chief Dieter Zetsche said in a press conference in Germany that the firm was now ready to have its own factory team and Ross Brawn would remain in charge of the new outfit.

“Mercedes will compete in the F1 world championship next year starting with its own factory team,” he said. “The interests of Daimler are aligned therefore it will be a true Mercedes-Benz team. Ross Brawn will continue as team principal.”

The firm has taken a 75.1 per cent stake in the Brackley team, 45.1 per cent of which comes from Daimler. The rest of its stake is believed to be funded by an Abu Dhabi-based investment group. The remaining 24.9 per cent will be split between Ross Brawn, Nick Fry and other board members.

Despite taking over at Brawn, Mercedes has renewed its engine supply to McLaren until 2015. The current deal was scheduled to end in 2011, but the new deal will see Mercedes continue to supply engines and be a key strategic partner for the Woking-based outfit.

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German Nico Rosberg is set to be the lead driver of Mercedes GP, with Mercedes motorsport boss Norbert Haug keen on signing Nick Heidfeld as his team mate. Haug will also be tasked with co-ordinating the new Mercedes GP team.

World champion Jenson Button is now set to partner Lewis Hamilton at McLaren. The team has confirmed that the silver/red livery of its cars will remain unchanged.

Ron Dennis, chairman of McLaren Group, said: “This is a win-win situation, for both McLaren and Daimler.

“We’re delighted that Mercedes-Benz has committed to continue not only as an engine supplier but also as a partner of ours until 2015 – and perhaps thereafter.”

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16 November 2009

Will Brawn GP go down in F1 history as the shortest-lived most succesful F1 team ???

16 November 2009

Jenson Button must be furious - he is going to get thrashed by Hamilton. I can feel a "neck injury" coming on....

16 November 2009

This was inevitable on 2 counts. Firstly, i got a feeling that the relationship between McLaren and Mercedes had begin to sour over the last few years, and this was only heightened when the SLR project ended and both companies went their own way to make rival cars (SLS and MP4-12C).

Secondly, Mercedes has always had a preference to be more than just an engine supplier and have more control over a team, which i don't think it managed with McLaren. You only have to look back at it's sportscar racing days in the late 1980s/early1990s when it effectively took over the Sauber outfit to become a works team.

16 November 2009

Who will be the lead McLaren driver ? The current World Champion or the previous World Champion ? I imagine that given equal cars and equal support, Hamilton will wipe the floor with Button; lets hope that McLaren have a competitive car for 2010. Could be an interesting season again.

16 November 2009

i do not think hamilton will beat jenson, i think it will be the other way around i.e. jenson will beat hamilton; the latter for one has limited race craft.

BUT in any case I think it is great!! if jenson does move to them then it will be virtually an all Mclaren team-UK team, I think the Merc F1 engines are designed and built in the UK any way, but when Mclaren (which I think they will) place in their own engines after Merc (hopefully with the same two or two more UK drivers) it will be a full UK team in name and content! that's really fantastically cool!! long live Ron Dennis!

16 November 2009

So, Mercedes have bought Brawn, there's a suprise!, still, it means Button has to put his money where his talent is and finish at least second next season, personally i think he'll be second from the back!, he was due something out of F1 and he got it FI champion!, anyway i think Mercedes would like to put German drivers in their cars and have a good chance of a German champion,M.Schumacher anyone?,also what's not going to help Button is this "dream team" the media are stirring up, so much "England expects" nonsense,and anyway what about Ferrari?, haven't they got a chance?,we'll have to wait and see won't we?, roll on 2010!!

16 November 2009

Was Ron Dennis also heard to say, "We’re delighted that Mercedes-Benz has committed to continue not only as an engine supplier but also as a key competitor of ours until 2015 – and perhaps thereafter."?

16 November 2009

Button is the slowest world champion since Damon Hill. I wouldn't be surprised if Kimi partners Lewis and Button gets nothing but a lingerie model girlfriend. Not bad, but i'd prefer to be racing F1. He should have signed on to partner Rosberg. How can Button claim it's not all about money and then turn down the opportunity to race genuine Silver Arrows helmed by Ross Brawn? The fairy tail is over for this boy.

16 November 2009

"jenson will beat hamilton; the latter for one has limited race craft"

I'am no Hamilton fan other than he's a fellow englishman so i'll support him, in fact i'd support Jenson over Hamilton, but to suggest Hamilton has limited race craft is the most idiotic statement i've read on these posts, Hamilton's racecraft is up there with schmacher & Alonso, watch a replay of how Hamilton placed he's McLaren to fend off Alonso at the US GP in he's debut season, now if that isn't racecraft i don't know what is!

16 November 2009

[quote CapsLock]i do not think hamilton will beat jenson, i think it will be the other way around i.e. jenson will beat hamilton; the latter for one has limited race craft.[/quote] Huh? Maybe in a parallel universe. McLaren is Lewis' team. Look at what he did to Teflonso. The race craft comment is bewildering too. If McLaren want a driver with some of that, they should sign the mighty Kobayashi. He is awesome, and taught Jenson a lesson or two about race craft.


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