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World champion holds talks with British team at its Woking base

McLaren has fuelled speculation that Jenson Button could be set to shift to the team by admitting the world champion paid a visit to its Woking headquarters.

Button has so far failed to reach an agreement with the Brawn GP team, although the Briton insists he would like to carry on leading the team next season.

On Friday, McLaren told the Guardian newspaper that Button had been to the factory for “a quick hello”, which has led many to believe that he will team up with Lewis Hamilton to form a 'British super-team' in 2010. Team principal Martin Whitmarsh reportedly gave Button a guided tour of the McLaren Technology Centre on his visit.

Button’s manager, Richard Goddard, told the same newspaper that his man was looking at all viable options for 2010 and had yet to commit himself to any deal.

“As I've said many times before, Jenson wants to drive a car which is capable of winning the next world championship,” he said.

“We've been talking about possible terms for 2010 with Brawn for months and we're not being difficult or unreasonably expensive in our demands for Jenson. In fact, we've given up quite a lot of negotiating ground in our discussions with them.

“I think it's also important that Jenson wants to feel valued in whatever situation he finds himself next season," Goddard added. "He needs to explore all the feasible options.”

Salary is believed to be the main stumbling block for Button and Brawn next season and this is unlikely to be a problem at McLaren. The Woking team has long been linked with a move for Kimi Raikkonen, but a deal with the Finn has yet to be reached.

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Old But not yet Dead 16 November 2009

Re: Button poised for McLaren switch

Whatever you think of Jenson as a driver, or think him a playboy, don't ever accuse him of greed and disloyalty.

Remember how he paid substantially to get out of a Williams contract to join BAR/Honda long before this years paycut.

He seems to me to have been ready to make what he believed were the right racing choices at the time, regardless of personal cost to him.

Maybe not always the best in hindsight but give the guy some respect for trying to do what he thought was the right thing.

MadBaz 16 November 2009

Re: Button poised for McLaren switch

Vidge 123 wrote:
he's forgotten that lofty moral stance and is kicking Ross Brawn in the mouth

Both JB and RB are playing very much the same game, because they have to. And it has nothing to do with loyalty. It's all about timing.

Brawn GP has to sell out to Mercedes (whilst being mindful of the engines it needs) while it holds both championships.

Button has to get the best deal possible (whilst still being mindful of the car he'll be driving) whilst he's the Drivers Champion.

They're playing exactly the same game as each other.

In terms of entertainment, the prospect of going into next season with all GB McLaren and all Teutonic Mercedes teams is mouthwateringly exciting.

Shame Giancarlo couldn't cope with the Red car!

Vidge 123 16 November 2009

Re: Button poised for McLaren switch

Leslie Brook wrote:

I remember when Jenson drove the reasonably priced car on Top Gear. He insisted "100 percent" that he would give up all the money and fame just to win his first GP. Now he's won the World Championship he's forgotten that lofty moral stance and is kicking Ross Brawn in the mouth. Show some loyalty even if you have to slum it on £4million a year.

I think the situation is the opersite way round! Button took a 70% pay cut to continue with the team (he could have made them pay him the full salary or a very very large settlement to walk away), and he brought them the WDC and WCC and is now asking to go back to a wage close (but still less) to that which he signed with Honda, Last year he was about the 10th best paid driver on the grid, below Webber, Vettel, Rosberg and Trulli!

I think he has every right to ask to for the team (now backed by Merc and with serveral big sponcers we hear) to pay him more, he isnt asking for a Hamilton/Kimi/Alonso wage, Just a better one and one more in line with what a WDC should be earning.

IMHO its Ross kicking him in the mouth.