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Malaysian-backed team are now ready for wind tunnel testing

Lotus has shown off the first official images of its new 2010 Formula One car.

The team’s first wind tunnel model team has been completed, but Lotus’s chief technical officer Mike Gascoyne admitted that despite the model’s completion being a great achievement, there was still plenty of work to do before it gets to the grid.

See the hi-res 2010 Lotus F1 car pics

Lotus has developed a car that follows the revised 2010 rules (chiefly narrower front tyres and larger fuel tanks due to the banning of refuelling).

“There is no escaping the challenges that we face simply to get the car ready for the first race of the next season,” said Gascoyne. “But I am confident that we are up to the task in hand.

“Our target is to get the car ready for a roll out by the middle of February so that we can carry out preseason testing in preparation for Bahrain in mid-March.”

Decisions about drivers for next year are yet to be made, but it is understood that experienced Toyota driver Jarno Trulli is favourite to lead the team.

The drivers Gascoyne is looking for need to help develop the car during the season, as well as “extract every little bit of performance from the car at all times”, in order for the team to make progress on the track.

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Paul J 16 October 2009

Re: Lotus shows pics of new F1 car

Mart_J wrote:

Close, but no cigar - he meant Benny. After all he did drive the fastest milk cart in the west.
Peter Cavellini 16 October 2009

Re: Lotus shows pics of new F1 car

Yes, the Force India has gone well, but at low downforce / high speed tracks, yes, Loeb may well improve but he's a bit late for F1, maybe he should try Le-mans series,some rally drivers did quite well at it, i seem to remember that Colin Mccrae did well at the hands of a Ferrari LM.

ThePlumsofWrath 16 October 2009

Re: Lotus shows pics of new F1 car

marktobin wrote:

this thread's gone slightly opff topic, so i'm gonna run with it......

Button is an average driver, who doesn't deserve to win the world title, Hamilton has raw talent no doubt about it, Hill was lucky to win a championship, he was at best an average driver who happened to be in the class of the field car at the time. Alonso is brilliant, hopefully Ferrari will give him a car worthy of his skill!

Back to Lotus' F1 car, yeah its an F1 car, expect it to be right there at the back of the field if it makes it to the actual job of racing! I actually fear this could be a Lola style disaster!

I'd have agreed with you until a few days ago about Button but I heard an interesting view the other day on the radio in Australia.

It's this, had Button scored the points he was scoring now at the beginning of the season and was winning the races he won at the beginning of the season now, we'd all be going mad and urging him on. It's a fair point.

He's achieving his goal by hook or crook, surely that's the point.

We've had Graham Hill, Phil Hill, Harry Hill, what about Benny? Who is this great Hill alluded to earlier?