FIA introduces new measures forcing teams to cut costs
12 December 2008

Formula One will introduce a string of cost-cutting measures over the next two seasons, but its governing body, the FIA, has back-tracked on its radical proposal to force teams to use standard engines.

The plans, discussed with the Formula One Teams Association and announced at today’s FIA World Council Meeting, are a response to the recent decision by Honda to sell of or close its F1 operation.

For 2009, teams will extend the life and use of their engines, introduce a lower rev limit (18,000 instead of the current 19,000), cut back on wind tunnel work and, significantly, comply with a total testing ban during the season.

The FIA anticipates that its 2009 measures will cut the larger teams’ budgets by up to 30 per cent, with smaller independent operations saving even more.

For 2010, meanwhile, manufacturers will supply engines to independent teams for a smaller set fee (less than five million euros per team, per season), and all teams will use the same transmission.

A ban on bespoke radio and telemetry systems, tyre warmers and refueling will also be introduced; these measures are designed to encourage savings both in technology and manpower.

The measures do not prevent teams from continuing work on their Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems (KERS), due to optional introduction in 2009.

Some F1 observers have already queried the amounts of budget required to develop the complex technology.

However, next year’s in-season testing ban may encourage some teams to ditch KERS, on the basis that mid-season refinement would be much more difficult without adequate test mileage.

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John McIlroy

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12 December 2008

They fall for it every time!

Max & Bernie ask for the world everyone gets in a lather and settles for a comproimise which is probably what max & Bernie wanted all along!

How often have we seen that tactic used?

12 December 2008

Is that the new Ssangyong F1 car in the picture? - god thats one ugly F1 car.

12 December 2008

It's three races not four races

13 December 2008

I wonder if Max Mosley will ever admit his plan to introduce KERS into F1 and rushing it onto the grid in 2009 is a total mistake...............

The system is extremely complicated, expensive, and probably has little or no relevance to road car technology.

If some of the rumoured figures each team has spent on developing KERS thus far is accurate (upwards of US$40mil each in the case of the Big Three teams ), then it is probably around US$150mil spent that is wasted.

Of course, Max will just say the teams would have spent the money on other areas anyway.

13 December 2008

It was a busy day for the WMSC, as there were changes to the WRC, but as usual, not even mentioned.

S2000 based cars with addidtional bolt on kit.

13 December 2008

Just as long as this pair of half wits are in charge, the future direction of F1 will go nowhere apart from very rapidly down the drain! Potential sponsors and the enthusiast the sport so desperately need throughout the world are both disappearing in droves and in the current world financial climate it won’t be long before the motor manufacture teams follow. The exciting spectacle F1 once was, with proud and oh so capable gladiators racing wheel to wheel on and frequently slightly beyond the absolute edge of both safety and car control are all now mostly gone. Is it the objective of Ecclestone and Mosley to kill this once so spectacular and gripping sport before they both die, because that is what they surely will end up achieving!

Loving life in France with my Springers

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