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Citroën has released its top rally jump photographs in the build up to Rally Finland
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23 July 2010

Citroën has shown off its 10 best rally jump pictures to celebrate over six years at the top of the sport.

The collection has been shown off in the build up to next weekend’s Rally Finland, the most exciting and jump-filled rally on the calendar.

See the stunning Citroën rally pictures

The stunning photos were captured on Rally Finland and other events including New Zealand, Sweden, Italy and Norway.

They include one of Sébastien Loeb flying 85-metres into the air on the fast Ballica stage during April’s Rally of Turkey.

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23 July 2010


1979 RAC Rally Sutton Park stage - 40000 spectators

2009 Rally GB - probably not much more than that in total.

4WD + turbocharged engines + £750000 build cost per car + pathetic 2/3 day, 9 to 5 rallies + exhorbitant charging fees for British spectators = only 10 top drivers (5 with any hope of winning), no Brits & no spectators actually following the rallies or even watching the TV footage


23 July 2010

Stunning pictures.

I don't think the demise in Rallying is totally fair to blame on the sport or how the wheels are driven. Sadly it just doesn't translate well into what a modern TV audience wants and what the add guys want. How many millions used to watch Snooker? That sport hasn't changes since the day dot.

23 July 2010

True, but rallying was just so much more exciting back then. The different sounds of the cars, the delicate car control, spectating and marshalling through the night, following the event, 30 top drivers out on the RAC with a good chance of a Brit doing well. We've allowed the Manufacturers to run riot with costs and then pull out when they get bored or can't afford it. What youngster can realistically get themselves in a top car nowadays? And even if they show promise, unless they're French or have big backers, there are no works cars available for them to drive. Ask the Drivers what they REALLY think about the sport now...

23 July 2010

I do think rally would be better if the teams had to use an off the shelf car with only safety modifications. I would like to see a proper stick shifter aswell

23 July 2010

"They include one of Sébastien Loeb flying 85-metres into the air on the fast Ballica stage during April’s Rally of Turkey"

85m? Are you sure? Is this length of jump or altitude?

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