French court wins court action against the FIA
5 January 2010

Former Renault boss Flavio Briatore and head of engineering Pat Symonds have won a court action in France against motorsport's governing body the FIA over bans from involvement in motor racing.

Briatore and Symonds were told on Tuesday afternoon by the Tribunal de Grande Instance in Paris that the case had been successful.

"The court ruled the sanction was illegal," the judge told the Paris court.

F1's governing body ruled last September that Briatore and Symonds ordered Renault driver Nelson Piquet Jr to deliberately crash his car to help team-mate Fernando Alonso win the Singapore Grand Prix in 2008.

Briatore denied having a role in the scheme and took legal action against the FIA to clear his name. Symonds admitted knowledge of the incident, but contested that his five-year ban from motorsport was too harsh.

"In this case, the FIA has been used as a tool to exact vengeance on behalf of one man," said Briatore.

Briatore had also asked for $1.5 million (£935,000) in damages, but was awarded 15,000 euros (£9350).

The FIA was also ordered to take out adverts in French newspapers saying that its decision to implement bans was wrong.

The FIA's legal team has already told the Reuters news agency that it plans to appeal the Briatore decision.

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5 January 2010

Why aren't I suprised at this, Briatore will probably find another team, especially if he still has sponsers following him. Finding drivers won't be much of a problem either - how about Nelson and Rolf?

5 January 2010

It's difficult to come to terms with the fact that despite watching F1 for over 20 years I've only recently noticed that it's more like a soap opera than a circus.

Not that I ever want to be on Max Moseley's side but I do hope that although Flav has overturned the ban he doesn't ever run a team again. I have no problem with him managing drivers but he shouldn't ever be in the position where crash-gate could happen again at his hands.

I hope the stories in F1 this year are less to do with politics, so the drama plays out on the track as I hate soap operas!

5 January 2010

He had nothing to do with the scheme? What?! So the governing body can't actually decide on who they can strike off any more. What's the point?

5 January 2010

So when someone has clearly put the sport in to disrepute, they can appeal and get off?

That has undermined the FIA....

He should be banned from running a team.

I always thought it was dodgy that he was managing drivers that became drivers within the teams he ran. If they didn't agree with him being their manager they got kicked out of the team.

Double standards.

5 January 2010

Why do any of us bother with F1 any more?

It has about as much credibility as Celebrity Big Brother


5 January 2010

Misleading title - Briatore himself did not overturn his F1 ban, as the title suggests. "Briatore F1 Ban Overturned" would be more accurate. A small point, but one that Autocar should have got right.

In any case, who cares about his ban? He's a vile, arrogant individual not worth bothering with.

5 January 2010

I suppose this means he can remain a director of Queens Park Rangers Football Club along with Bernie Ecclestone. If Briatore were banned from F1 he would, I believe, be barred from being involved with them.

5 January 2010

I despise the way the FIA has 'managed' F1 in the past, but it was quite right to throw Briatore out for life. If he returns to the sport (and he's bound to, isn't he?) I'm afraid I'll turn my back on F1 forever. And I say that as a 38-year-old life-long fan.

5 January 2010

i'm thinking of employing flavio to run my rally team


5 January 2010

i think that the FIA had over-stepped its position by banning him. Along with most others, i think he deserved a ban, but the FIA did not handle it well and didn't really have the authority to ban him. From what I understand, they could have banned Renault as a team but not Briatore as an individual.

On the other hand, am quietly glad that Briatore had the balls (and in fairness, the wealth) to be able to take the FIA to court and defeat them. Just a pity that it never happened earlier in Mosley's presidency, as it would have kept him in line a bit better.


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