Contract reportedly signed in 2008; deal could be announced today or tomorrow
30 September 2009

Fernando Alonso’s widely-tipped moved to Ferrari from Renault is expected to be confirmed within the next 48 hours, according to Maranello sources.

The double world champion has reportedly signed a two year deal with the Italian firm and he will earn an annual salary in the region of 19-25 million euro (£17.3-22.8m).

Alonso's contract runs to the end of 2011, but there are options for a further three years, which could mean he will drive for Ferrari until the end of 2014, when he will be 33.

A Ferrari spokesman said: "At this moment, there is nothing we can say. In the last few weeks, something has changed. We are talking to the drivers and when it is the proper time we will make an announcement."

Alonso will team up with the recovering Felipe Massa in 2010, with Kimi Raikkonen poised to return to McLaren. Alonso will be replaced at Renault by Polish driver Robert Kubica, who will switch from the outgoing BMW Sauber team.

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30 September 2009

Alonso, get ready for Massa. He's quick, much quicker than Piquet. Probably too quick for you.

30 September 2009

[quote Symanski]Alonso, get ready for Massa. He's quick, much quicker than Piquet. Probably too quick for you.[/quote]

Repeating your nonsense doesn't make it any less nonsense.

30 September 2009

[quote Symanski]

Alonso, get ready for Massa. He's quick, much quicker than Piquet. Probably too quick for you.


Agree, can't wait to see that.

How long before Alonso has another tantrum?

30 September 2009

Can't wait see see Alonso put Ferrari back on top, the king will regain his crown next year. Massa is good but he is certainly not great, unlike Alonso. Last time a multiple world champion joined Ferrari they dominated. Alonso has many similarities with Schumacher, talented, determined, intelligent, single-minded, can be unfair, so what? If you want a winner then don't expect Mr. Nice Guy. Alonso is a winner, plain and simple.

30 September 2009

[quote blasos1983]Alonso has many similarities with Schumacher [/quote]

At last, the Marenello puppet/leprechaun speaks the truth.

Didn't Schumacher crash into Hill thus robbing him of a world championship and didn't he try to do the same to Villeneuve? They both have lot's in common it seems to me and it begins with a C and ends with a T.

Don't fill in the gaps anyone....I'll do it because it could go one of two ways rather easily looking at it.

HEA is what's missing and not UN.

30 September 2009

Only way to stop cheating is to give them all the same car with strict do' and don'ts just like you used to get in Formula 3000, sealed engines, aero, etc,then it's down to talent not technology!

Peter Cavellini.

30 September 2009

Actually Alonso's biggest crime is the same as Schumacher's: namely not being British, therefore it suits the British media (and their dimmer readers) to accuse him of cheating. Whereas Saint Lewis would never do anything like that, would he? Well, only when he's told to, by his (British) team. Who are quite happy to steal from other teams, while getting on their moral high horse. Not that they're an exception, as I'm sure everyone in F1 (well, everyone successful, anyway), bends and tweaks the rules in any way they can. And always have done.

But it's much easier to pretend that it's only furriners who do it, and that all British teams and drivers are morally impeccable.

30 September 2009

Raikonen back at McLaren, partnering Hamilton will be interesting! My money is on Raikonen spanking Hamilton, given the same equipment etc... and having the desire on the day of course.. LOL!

30 September 2009

And that's the point: some races, Raikkonen will blow Hamilton (and everyone else) away, some he won't. That's the way he is, nobody really knows why.

30 September 2009

Here we go again,all the Alonso haters are having another fit.

What will happen next year?,who knows,we will have new cars

whose weight will be much higher,no fuel stops.

What teams will be able to get the new car to run well,once

again we do not know!

All this rubbish about one driver is better than this other driver,in this

years cars ,yes,we can all say that,but not in next years cars.

Lets wait and see.


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