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US scientists tip watermelon to be a fuel of the future

Watermelons have been tipped as the car fuel of the future by researchers in the US.

More than 360,000 tonnes of watermelon are left to rot every year as they are unwanted to their unusual size or shape.

Farmers have been known to left between 20 to 40 per cent of their crops in the ground because of the same reasons.

But scientists at the United States Department of Agriculture in Oklahoma have found a way to create ethanol from the unwanted watermelons.

Scientists predict that there is enough juice in the wasted watermelons to produce around 2.5 million litres of ethanol each year.

Although this is small fry compared to the predicted total annual ethanol production of nine billion litres, the watermelons can cut the amount of water and nitrogen needed to create the fuel.

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Scoobman 28 August 2009

Re: Watermelon powered cars

It's amazing what gets published when there is a shortage of news.

philcUK 28 August 2009

Re: Watermelon powered cars

it's allowed - that one was a total sitter.

reminds me of how Richard Branson got slammed for promoting gimmicks by the eco warriors for using a similar idea to biofuel his VA planes using nuts and fruit normally left to rot at harvest time.

Straff 28 August 2009

Re: Watermelon powered cars

Why do I keep hearing banjo's...?

Ranga, dang, dang, dang, dang, dang, dang, dang....

"Cletus - git yer lazy ass down to that water melon patch and squeeze a few fer ma trerck. Yer ma an me's fixin' ter go to that their draaav in movie efter sun down"

"Yes Paw"