German firm poised to take a 20 per cent stake in Japanese microcar specialist
8 December 2009

Volkswagen is poised to take a 20 per cent stake in the Suzuki Motor Corporation in the next few days according to financial market reports.

Suzuki is an unassuming automotive giant, building 2.6m cars globally each year. However, it is the company’s expertise in small car design that is said to have attracted VW’s interest.

Suzuki also has a significant grip on the Indian market, selling various generations of its Swift and Alto small cars at different price points. It also has success with the Maruti brand in India and is the strongest player in Japan’s market for tiny K-car city vehicles.

However, Suzuki currently lacks an automotive partner. The company has long-standing ties with General Motors dating back to 1981, but GM sold 17 percent of its 20 percent stake in 2006 and the remaining 3 percent last November.

Merging the next-generation Swift and Polo could create a supermini family that would have both significant economies of scale and a global sales footprint.

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8 December 2009

This would be great news if VW were to share technologies with Suzuki aswell as using their small car know-how, not having a model with a diesel engine and auto gearbox is a big barrier for Suzuki in the UK and an alliance with VW could remedy this.

Does anyone know if this would be likely?

8 December 2009

hope this comes true, really think some of their proucts are underrated

8 December 2009

This would be a real winner in Europe with Suzuki having access to VW engine technology (if VW are willing to let suzuki have it), especially diesel engines. I like Suzuki, but they're not in the rudest of health - done right this could benefit both makers (Suzuki more than VW I'd say), but poorly and it has the potential to drag Suzuki down, at least outside of its Japanese market.

8 December 2009

I like Suzuki, think they could do well if they partnered with VW, but would it really be possible for Suzuki, Seat, Skoda, Audi and Volkswagen to all exist at the same time selling the same basic line up of cars?

8 December 2009

VAG are taking over the world which is no bad thing

8 December 2009

[quote VX220EDDIE]VAG are taking over the world which is no bad thing [/quote]

I think its really rather sad that VW is going round hoovering up shares in other car companies, its got to be the biggest myth ever that VW make cars of higher quality than other manufacturers.

I hired a Golf last week and so had to adjust the drivers seat on collection I was amazed at the very poor quality plastics around the base of the seat. What really brought it home to me was that a couple of days later I hired an Astra, and it was so much better.

And a little of topic, what are those nasty, nasty LED tail lights all about on the latest Audi`s, So tacky i can barely believe my eyes when i see them. Awful.

8 December 2009

[quote jonfortwo]And a little of topic,[/quote]

yeah, just a tad.

[quote jonfortwo]what are those nasty, nasty LED tail lights[/quote]

the usual adjectival exclamation from Autocars banshees is 'hideous!'

there's a small thing called DRL, daytime running lights, edict from EU. so not gratuitous. LEDs draw less juice than incandescents, so minmises extra fuel consumption caused by this soon to be legal reqt.

8 December 2009

[quote J400uk]Suzuki, Seat, Skoda, Audi and Volkswagen to all exist at the same time selling the same basic line up of cars? [/quote]

Suzuki should go back to the drawing board and produce a SJ/Jimny for this century with a decent small diesel in its armoury.

I rather guiltily like the look of the current one.

Where has all Japanese design went to?

8 December 2009

[quote VX220EDDIE]VAG are taking over the world [/quote]

looks like it, don't it. not bad for the people's car.

8 December 2009

[quote BigEd]there's a small thing called DRL, daytime running lights[/quote]

There is also a small thing called having "class," Audi`s may have LED daytime running lights but they appear to be lacking class these days. I am sure a small single bulb would do the trick........

....and don`t try to kid me these sad strings of lights save fuel, thats the last thing the bling designers had on there minds.

Audi`s used to be the pinnacle of discretion,not any more.


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