We find out if Corvette’s 505bhp Z06 can take on the new 911 GT2
26 March 2008

What’s the obvious thing to do with the new £131,000 911 GT2? Pit it against the £62,000 Corvette Z06, naturally.Chris Harris took the pair to a two-mile runway to find out if the GT2 really is twice the car, or if the Corvette’s 7.0-litre V8 makes it the ultimate giant slayer.Find out the result by clicking here.

Our Verdict

Porsche 911

A sublime all-purpose sports car that few others can match for its combination of power, handling prowess and interior refinement

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27 March 2008

Nice comparison! Great to see a straight dog fight like that, especially side by side, so that you can see where the advantages were. BTW, most people use the three horn signal for starting a race...

I think something was up with the Z06 though. Was that a press vehicle? I have never heard anyone snatch 2nd repeatedly like Chris was doing. Maybe it was a tired example.

Anyway, it was good to see Porsche get a clear victory, after the GTR episode :-( I still don't believe that the GTR is faster around a proper circuit than the 997 GT3 is, especially if you were to run at least 5-10 laps. Consider this a challenge.

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