Complete spec for new Audi TT RS coupe and roadster leaks onto the web
29 October 2008

Full details of the new Audi TT RS have leaked onto the internet. The document is intended for German dealerships and confirms that the fastest TT will get a 2.5-litre five-cylinder supercharged and turbocharged TFSI engine producing 335bhp and 332lb ft of torque. >> See spy pics of the Audi TT RS coupe and roadsterPower for the Audi TT RS will be fed through a six-speed manual gearbox to all four wheels through Audi’s Quattro system, with a bias towards the rear wheels. Audi claims that this will propel the car to 62mph in 4.5 seconds and return more than 28mpg on average. There are no details disclosed about whether the Audi TT RS will lose the standard TT’s magnetic dampers in favour of more track-oriented suspension nor whether ceramic brakes will be an option. The Cayman-rival Audi TT RS will arrive earlier than previously expected. Both the roadster and coupe TT RS will be launched in summer next year, so expect UK models to hit the showrooms before the end of 2009. Our spy shots show that the Audi TT RS will gain a deeper front splitter and rear diffuser. A black grille with an aluminium surround will also add to the aggressive styling. The leaked document does not specify prices, but expect to pay around £45,000 for the Audi TT RS coupe and a further £2000 for the cabriolet.

Vicky Parrott

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Audi TT

The Audi TT remains a design icon, and is now a car that’s genuinely fun to drive no matter what engine or trim you choose

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29 October 2008

"Power for the Audi TT RS will be fed through a six-speed manual gearbox to all four wheels through Audi’s Quattro system, with a bias towards the rear wheels."

Really? How will they manage this when the TT has a Haldex part time 4wd system (which only send power to the rear in extreme conditions when it senses/predicts loss of grip at the front?)

Also, at the risk of sounding like broken record: HOW MUCH!?! That pricing means a TT-RS Convertible with a few essential extras will cost over £50,000! Thats more than the RS4 V8 cost at launch.

30 October 2008

That is a helluva lot for a Golf in make-up...

30 October 2008

Considering that it's likely to be a bit of a porker that's a very optimistic acceleration prediction.


30 October 2008

hi quattro369 ... haldex isn't the only quattro system available to audi, they also use torsen, which will provide the type of FWD suggested. it's likely they'll fit this to the TT-RS.

you're right though, £50K spec'd up is far too much for a TT - in fact far too much for a Cayman I'd say - better to get a used 911.

ha ha, the old 'golf in a dress' chestnut ... that was a fair comment about the mk1 TT, but it's inaccurate in relation to the mk2 TT as anyone who knows what they're talking about can tell you. still too expensive for a TT regardless of how it's made though :o)

30 October 2008

So your 'full' details are only half-full

30 October 2008

The torsen system doesn't go onto transverse engined Audis... I don't see any reason why the Haldex system can't be reengineered to produce a default rearward bias.

I thought Porsche got a bit miffed about this variant being called an "RS" so it might be something else when the time comes round?

I wouldn't buy one.

2 seater cars should have the engine behind the driver. If it's gonna be impractical it might as well be optimised for the sports car experience.


I'm The Ωmega Man, always talking to myself

30 October 2008


One - this car is as far from possible from a Golf. The platform is a truly unique mix of aluminium and steel.

Two - I have had the benefit of driving the new Haldex 4 transmission and it is a massive improvement over even the 3. It's so quick, you can feel the torque shift affecting the handling, even in a transverse-engined car

The 4x4 in the unloved 159 is similarly superb. I think it is highly probable - judging by the 159 and the new Haldex 4 - that it can be programmed to shift more torque than normal rearwards. And the speed at which it responds means that the rear bias doesn't have to be permanent. As soon as you start to drive aggressively, it's already responding.

30 October 2008

I've seen that black coupe and it does look absolutely sensational. It also sounds great, although slightly more muted than an earlier prototype I saw a few months ago, which sounded exactly like an R8 V10.

19 May 2010

i had a ride in the audi quattro coupe and these cars are really perfect from all angles.

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