Government sets up Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) to make UK world leaders
9 September 2009

The government has launched a new Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) which is designed to accelerate the take-up of electrically powered vehicles.

OLEV will be made up of officials from central and local government, as well as industry representatives and key figures from government departments including business and transport.

UK gets £11m recharging network

Car industry 'crucial to UK'

Lord Drayson, science and innovation minister, said: “This new department will be about action and not talking. We need to make the UK a leader in ultra-low carbon vehicles and make sure we are a leader and not an importer.”

The government describes ultra low carbon vehicles as electrically powered, such as the Tesla Roadster, or plug-in hybrids, such as the Toyota Prius.

Drayson said the new office would be led by industry, not government.

“If the new department delivers, it will put the UK and the car at the centre of the low carbon future. We have already committed £140 million to the programme.”

Robin Haycock, a strategist for OLEV, said: “We need to get an infastructure in place and make it a more natural choice to choose an electric car over a standard petrol or diesel model.

“We want our companies like Lotus and Jaguar to be building these cars to make it more acceptable to buy one. At the minute, they’re not sexy enough.”

OLEV will run until 2013 with the specific remit of making sure an electric recharging infrastructure is in place and all-electric models are available to buy in showrooms.

Drayson compared the launch of the office and take up of electric vehicles to the launch of the Ford Model T.

“When Henry Ford launched the T in the US, there was no refuelling infrastructure in place. Britain choosing to adopt this technology now is a similar situaton – if the manufacturers build the cars, then we will support them and the people will come.”

Mark Tisshaw

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9 September 2009

Good job! And I already have the 'car' that will perfectly complement that ambition, perhaps even rekindle the British automotive industry as an independent force like it used to be!


9 September 2009

Oh great. Another pointless quango full of the usual suspects with a great big budget. No doubt, as is the way with British government, this outfit will put enormous effort into making life difficult for anyone who's actually trying to achieve anything and then claim the credit for anything they do.

9 September 2009

I think it's very short-sighted of them to overlook hydrogen. That's one power source I think they should take very seriously indeed.

9 September 2009

Me don't fink so...

9 September 2009

Could someone point out to Lord Drayson that we're currently even further down the field than Israel. Britain (no longer Great) is becoming an insignificant island off the North-West coast of Europe. Either do something about it, or accept it, but please don't think we're gullible enough to believe the pre-election spin....

9 September 2009

[quote Topkat]Me don't fink so...[/quote]How is your blatant advertising still going unchecked?

9 September 2009

“Lead the world” might be a bridge too far, but there is nothing wrong with a little proactive optimism.

You don’t need a weatherman
To know which way the wind blows
—Robert Allen Zimmerman

9 September 2009

Great so will the Government now underwrite Jag's loan from the European investment back? .......thought not. Words, words, words.....

9 September 2009

Casanova? Stop dreaming!

Why are you hating? Oh cause you got nothing going for you... how's the dole office? Busy is it? ;-)

9 September 2009

[quote Casanova]

[quote Topkat]Me don't fink so...[/quote]How is your blatant advertising still going unchecked?


Seconded. Come on Autocar sort this out please.


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